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Halloween With Chasing Fireflies

Halloween is one of those holidays which lives forever in the hearts and memories of our kids (and their parents too, of course).  In my house, the kids want to wear their costumes everyday leading up to the big day.  This year, we are celebrating Gemma’s 1st Halloween, so the prep and anticipation will be extra special.


Every year around this time, we start talking about Halloween costumes in our house. When the Chasing Fireflies catalog arrives in the mail, my kids spend hours digging through it, picking out their costumes. Their little minds usually change once, or three times, before they finally settle on the perfect suit. This year, Ryder and Siella were really excited to choose Gemma’s costume.  Ryder wanted her to be a ninja, and Siella wanted her to be a dragon , but we met in the middle, and decided that Gemma would make the cutest “Baby Glitterfish.”  Siella wants to be a mermaid, so I think it will be cute to have the two coordinated costumes.




When it comes to ordering, Chasing Fireflies is a breeze. Their website is easy to navigate, and our costumes arrived within a week. The kids were so excited to see their costumes arrive, especially Gemma’s and wanted me to put hers on immediately. They got a kick out of dressing up their sister. I was thrilled to find the sizing of the costume was spot-on, which is sometimes not easy to achieve.


The best thing about Chasing Fireflies costumes is their use of high quality fabrics, Gemma was super comfy in her costume and was all smiles! Quality in costumes is key because it needs to withstands the many uses throughout the Halloween month, the neighborhood parties, school parties, and actual Halloween day, along with the endless dress up sessions all year round. As I’m sure our new activity for the next two months will be dressing up Gemma. Our Halloween will be extra special this year and thanks to Chasing Fireflies and my kids are so excited to dress up!

For more information on these awesome costumes visit www.chasing-fireflies.com


This post was sponsored by Chasing Fireflies.  All opinions, as always, are my own.  



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9 thoughts on “Halloween With Chasing Fireflies”

  1. I purchased my first Chasing Fireflies/Wishcraft costume last year and I was very happy! The quality of the fabrics can not be stressed enough. While expensive, it’s worth every penny and your child will be comfortable too. My daughter got complimented by almost every person she walked passed. I’m currently debating over getting the “Baby Glitterfish” this year. I think seeing your adorable baby in it made my decision a whole lot easier:)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!! Oh I am so happy you are considering the Baby Glitter Fish. We were extremely happy with our choice and are looking forward to Halloween in our house! Happy Halloween! Please send us a picture when you recv! Best B

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