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I Love NYC #LoveThisCity #MC

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I was really excited to get selected for this project because there are so many reasons why I #LoveThisCity called New York City. My family and I have always lived in New York but not New York City. As a child, my mom worked at an upscale hotel in NYC and I could remember going with her to work during my summers off from school. I loved everything about it, the subway rides, high buildings, the people, the culture and Central Park. I think it was at that point my love for NYC became something significant.

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When I became old enough to drive into the city, I would come in to shop (8th Street was the best) or go out to clubs (with a fake ID of course). And when it was time for college, it was a no brainer that I wanted to stay in the Big Apple and attend the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I commuted for the first two years of college until I moved into my very first apartment in Chelsea, shared with a classmate. And I haven’t left since. I have moved three times since moving into the city 12 years ago. And what’s funny is that I am still not even tired of it. New York City is full of excitement and has grown with me as person. Another reason I #LoveThisCity is that it’s evolved with me for my college days, working days, and now raising a family days.

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I have to say raising my three kids in NYC is pretty much my dream come true. I love that my children are exposed to so much on a daily basis. We see a new face everyday, and we are usually on an adventure everyday. I wish I was exposed to half as much when I was growing up. Broadway shows, museums trips, state of the art playgrounds are really at our finger tips. I am still discovering new things while living here as its always changing.

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We are looking forward to the fall season to start. I #LoveThisCity, New York City, my home.

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5 thoughts on “I Love NYC #LoveThisCity #MC”

  1. I really envy you, I am one of those people who would live there in a heartbeat! New York City offers everything and getting to experience that everyday is pretty amazing. Love those photos of your kids, one day I hope to take my kids there 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Sara. I hope you and your family do come and experience NYC. If you ever need any recommendations on where to go while you are here..I’ll be happy to share some of our favorite places! xx

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