Halloween Through The Years!

Feeling a little nostalgic this Halloween, because this marks TEN years celebrating as a mother! To be honest, I was never into Halloween. I could care less about dressing up or going to parties, but happy to say that’s changed a tad bit. I haven’t dressed up every year but have made an effort to put on a costume a few years out of the ten. Siella actually said something to me last night about not dressing up this year, so I promised that next year I will for sure dress up! Taking suggestions NOW!

Here are the last ten years of Halloween for us!

2018: Witch, Wonder Women, & Werewolf 

2017: Sumo Wrestler, Zombi Cheerleader, Unicorn 


2016: Zombi Skeleton, Shopkins Cookie, Shimmer & Shine 

2015: Ninja, Princess, & Elsa (new dress version on Gemma)

2014: Genie, Gyspy, Darth Vadar

2013: Ninja Turtle, Fish, Mermaid 

Roger & Rachel Zoe 

2012: Power Ranger & Black Cat 

2011: Bat Girl & Spider Man 


2010: Buzz Light Year 

2009: Dragon 

2008: Pumpkin 

Can’t wait for another 10 years! 


NYC Guide to the holidays!

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