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Fresh Decor, Fresh Air

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I’ve probably mentioned more than once that our apartment had been upside-down for a few weeks, while painting and overhauling our space. Now finally things are coming together. Not sure how we did it, but somehow, in the first month back to school, amidst the chaotic schedule change, we managed to tackle a full paint job, new furniture, new beds for the kids, new bedding and décor all around.

Using An Air Purifier To Improve Your Home | Stroller In The City

I am so happy that its behind us, because now it feels like a fresh new space, and I feel inspired and rejuvenated by our home. One of the best things about painting the entire apartment is the deep clean ensued, from top to bottom. With all the corners exposed, I really got into all the nooks and crevices.

Using An Air Purifier To Improve Your Home | Stroller In The City

My new favorite part of the apartment is the kids’ room, because it’s so bright and airy now. This new found levity had made me realize just how thick the air outside seems, and how poor the air quality is in New York City. The mild fall temps result in plenty of days with open windows, but I cringe thinking of all those particles sailing through our windows, and settling everywhere. Surprisingly, air at home can have two to five times more allergens and pollutants than outdoor air! Think about that!

Using An Air Purifier To Improve Your Home | Stroller In The City

My kids have sensitive skin, and they seem to react to air quality in general. Ryder has been seeing an allergist for a few years and even though we keep things clean, I have always felt that there must be more that we can do to maintain good air quality at home, and help manage allergens.

Using An Air Purifier To Improve Your Home | Stroller In The City

Philips introduced a range of air purifiers to help consumers improve the air quality in homes, for areas such as small bedrooms to extra-large living rooms. I recently placed a Philips Air Purifier Series 5000i in the kids’ room and I couldn’t be happier. It captures odors, gases and 99.97% of allergens that pass through its six (that’s right 6!) filters, in rooms up to 454 square feet, so it is perfect for their humble abode.

Using An Air Purifier To Improve Your Home | Stroller In The City

Philips Series 5000i Air Purifier has an extra-sensitive allergen mode, which can automatically change fan speed as the air quality changes to bring it back to a stable level. The machine is very quiet, so with a near silent sleep mode, I don’t have to worry about it disturbing the kids. The color ring and number indicator on the device provide visual cues and reassurance of good air quality, and with the Air Matters app I can control the purifier remotely. Right from my phone, I can check real-time air quality index, allergy pollen and weather data.

Using An Air Purifier To Improve Your Home | Stroller In The City

Like most big cities, we are exposed to many harmful air particles, so it’s comforting to have the ability to reduce the harmful ones, and manage the air quality in our home. Like a little clean oasis from the polluted city. I swear the air even (almost!) looks cleaner in their room, which leads me to believe that they will sleep better, and wake up more refreshed with glowing positive attitudes. Does this mean they’ll be ready to listen to me, and follow all my instructions without pushback? Yeah, no.

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Using An Air Purifier To Improve Your Home | Stroller In The City


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10 thoughts on “Fresh Decor, Fresh Air”

  1. That’s awesome, 6 filters, near silent running, controlled by phone! This would be perfect for my allergic/asthmatic daughter and it looks like it’s part of the decor in her room.

  2. I need a couple of these for my home. We don’t live in a big city like NYC but with seasonal allergies these would come in really handy.

  3. This sounds like an awesome product. I could really use one of these for my youngest daughter. I think she’d really benefit from this.

  4. Your home is beautiful and I bet it feels wonderful having a refreshed space. Clear air adds to that and is great for your children. This air purifier looks great.

  5. Its always good to have an air purifier in the home. Especially if people suffer from season allergies this could be a great help.

  6. Amazing article! I loved it, it’s unique. Air purifiers are highly effective as mentioned. In fact, it was also found after a survey that children who breathe fresh air more are less prone to get sick, less absenteeism in the class, and more attentive in the teaching sessions. Air purifiers are really very helpful especially for the growing age, check best air purifiers in India. for the mechanism behind. Air purifiers are the only way to fight this crisis of growing air pollution and ensure a better future for the generations ahead.

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