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Four & Fabulous

She’s a storyteller, with a heart of gold, and she is, by far, the smartest little big girl I have ever known. My precious Siella turned four years old yesterday, and while I am still trying to catch my breath from the fun filled super special birthday we shared, I cannot believe my first daughter is already 4. I remember how much I enjoyed this age with Ryder, as it was very clear, he was no longer a baby. Filled with inquisitive questions, and rambunctious energy, four years old is a special sweet spot of an age.

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Siella, my middle child, is glue that binds her and her siblings together. While she looks up to her big brother, who she shares an incredible bond with, she cares for and mentors her little sister. With her quick wit and smarts, I sometimes forget her true age, especially when she delves into one of her elaborate stories. Even though they are way too early, I live for our mornings, as she wakes up, and tells me about her dreams from the night before, with very vivid details. It is truly the sweetest.

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This year, I wanted to make her birthday extra special, so I thought a tea party would be the perfect start to her day. Since our Eloise romp at the Plaza Hotel at the end of last year, Siella has grown very fond of tea time. She is always asking for tea, so we headed up to Florence Fancy on the Upper East Side for a little tea party. Luckily, Jason had the day off, so the three of us were able to enjoy the day together. I told her she would get three surprises over the course of the afternoon, and while I kept the other two things secret, she couldn’t wait for her tea party! On the ride uptown, she sat on train with a grin from ear to ear, because she knew we were doing this all just for her. While at Florence Fancy, she twirled around their gorgeous studio, while trying on dresses, and snacking on strawberries and mini muffins. Fortunately, her tea was caffeine free, because she guzzled three cups!

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After stuffing our shopping bags with some beautiful outfits (more to come about Florence Fancy in a future post), it was time for surprise #2. If you know Siella, you know that her love for dolls runs deep, and she takes one with her wherever she goes.  With this in mind, I knew it was finally time to introduce her to America Girl. We walked in the three floor megastore, and you could see from her wide eyes and quiet giggles that didn’t know where to begin. Taking her time with each doll, examining their clothes and accessories, it wasn’t until we reached the third floor that she found her baby in the Biddy Baby Dolls section. She instantly picked up the one with the green eyes, and said “Mama, she has the same color eyes as me!” She was officially sold. I loved her choice, because the baby was so perfect for her. To me, the actual girl dolls seem more appropriate for older girls. Siella was so sweet, that she asked if we could bring one home for her sister too. We told her that it was her special day, and when Gemma turns 4, she would go there, to choose out one of her own doll. We picked out some cute outfits, before heading to the checkout line, where she looked at both Jason and I with the biggest smile, thanking and hugging us. I knew how special this moment was for her, and after her jumbo hug, it was clear she felt just how special it was.

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As we left the store, she couldn’t wait to open up her baby. We stood right in the middle of Fifth Ave, where we carefully unwrapped her doll, and at that moment Siella named her, Heart Star.  Somehow even the baby she named describes her sweet little soul. It’s been 24 hours, and she has not put her down since.

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Then we headed up the street for surprise #3- Magnolia Bakery. Rather than eating her cupcake in the store like we usually do, she asked to get some extras for mommy and daddy and her brother and sister, to eat at home together! Again, my heart fell on the floor. She picked out a cupcake for each one of us, but naturally asked if she can just have a lick of her own before they put it in the box. That evening, I cooked her favorite meal for dinner, and when we were finished, our big ol’ family of five sang Happy Birthday. Sadly, our cupcakes hadn’t transported as well as we planned, but it was ok, because they were still delicious.



It truly was a magical day, not only for her, but for all of us. I can’t wait to tell you how she celebrated with her friends…..

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