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Flourishing Sweets

I’m realizing more so now, with endless days and hours spent indoors that our lives really do revolve around meals, routines, and playtime. I absolutely love cooking for my children and have always made it a point to nourish my children with whole and organic foods for each and every meal, even the in between ones. I’m grateful for the farmer’s markets we visit weekly, and the fact that it’s so easily accessible to live a healthy lifestyle here in NYC. I realize how wonderful it is for my children to have these options, because when I was younger, we really didn’t have the variety of healthy alternatives we do today.

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All three of the kids enjoy snacking in between meals. A lot of time their snacks consist of hummus and veggies, fruits, and smoothies all of which are super healthy. There are times when they want that sweet treat which I don’t deny them at all, and give with moderation of course. Although, I do try to source out the good for you kind of treats.


SNAP Infusion, the makers of SUPERCANDY, just launched SMARTCANDY, a better-for-you snack line created for generation Z (school-aged consumers). It’s a naturally delicious snack filled with an excellent source of vitamins A, B, and C’s  and no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats made for you and your little ones. Boston-based husband and wife team Eric and Andrea Stoll used their successful formula to create SMARTCANDY. They have brought to life a unique product for parents (and their kids) who don’t want to compromise flavor for healthier alternatives.

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SMARTCANDY is made sure that the FROOT product specifically met school food guidelines. They wanted to provide a healthy and delicious snack option that meets parents’ nutritional criteria and also delivers on kids’ taste factor. Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which has pushed to change the way children eat at school, and promote a healthier lifestyle, Snap Infusion, created SMARTCANDY FROOT snacks, a delicious and sweet snack filled with natural goodness!

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SMARTCANDY is available at Walmart and Target and comes in FROOT Strawberry, FROOT Orange, Sweet Gummy and Sour Gummy. The kids loved each and every flavor, even I thought I was eating pure sugar candy, when really it was just fruit infused flavors. It’s great to find a brand that understand healthy eating habits and creates a snack that isn’t loaded with sugar.

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Thank you SMARTCANDY for sponsoring this post. 

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