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Favorite Reads For Mamas!

Favorite Reads For Mamas! | Stroller In The City

Brave Love

In Brave Love, Lisa Leonard, founder of Lisa Leonard Designs, takes you through her journey of motherhood, marriage, business, and more. Learn about the intricacies of taking a business from start up to employing over 100 people, having a child with a disability, and rebuilding a marriage in this raw and honest recollection.

The Forgotten Hours

After her best friend accuses her father of sexual assault, Katie Gregory finally feels as though her life is picking up. At 24, she has a great job, is living in NYC, and is falling for her recent boyfriend.Testing these seemingly smooth waters is the fact that her father is now getting out of jail after the past accusation.

The New Girl Code

Charlie is a 15-year-old girl living in Brooklyn, NY, she’s a little awkward and a lot uncertain about her future and friendships. With help from her friends, Charlie abandons her self-doubt and insecurities and creates an award-winning fashion app. But everything is in jeopardy as she deals with a catfish who befriends her and steals her code.

The Lost Girls Of Paris

This mystery takes place in the heart of New York at Grand Central Station where Grace Healey finds an abandoned suitcase. Opening it, she is led to the discovery of photographs of 12 women sent off to Paris for work who have never returned. Grace Healey then sets out to uncover the mystery.

Bird Box

Recently turned into a Netflix Premiere, Bird Box is the ultimate thriller, testing patience, strategy, motherhood, and more. Something terrifying is killing off humankind, leaving 5 survivors to make it out alive, or join the rest of the unfortunate society.

Badass Women Give The Best Advice

Advice from badass women for badass women! Everything you need to know from love, life, relationships, men, sex, and being a badass!

Sparks In Love: A Survivor’s Story

One in four women experience domestic abuse or violence. In Sparks In Love: A Survivor’s Story, Susan Sparks uncovers a woman’s personal story of survival.

The Past Life Perspective

Ann C. Barham takes you into your past to help you heal in your present. Uncovering the enormous power of past life regression therapy, Barham helps to answer your spiritual questions about your purpose here on earth!

Golden Child

Living in rural Trinidad, Clyde (father), Joy (Mother), and their twin sons Paul and Peter are leading a quiet life. Peter is widely believed to be a genius, while Paul is somewhat odd. After the disappearance of Paul, Clyde is left to make a decision no parent should ever have to make.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

From Girl, Wash Your Face, to Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel Hollis discusses the excuses to stop using, the habits to pick up, and the way to free women, allowing them to follow their dreams and truly embrace who they are as individuals and not as defined by societal labels.

Winters In Paradise

When Irene Steel’s husband is killed in a plane crash her life takes a complete 180. Throughout her grieving process she discovers her husband had been living a second life, setting her to uncover an entire mystery.

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  1. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    “Badass Women Give The Best Advice” sounds so fun! I’m sure it’s a great read for when you need some inspiration from some fellow ladies.

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