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Sunday Styles: Everly Grey

Siella and Gemma are not quite at the age to be too cool for their mama. From playing games, going to shows and movies, and snuggling on the couch, the girls and I love our time together. We love exploring new parts of the city whenever we can, but there’s nothing we love more than just staying home, watching movies cuddled on the couch, and of course dancing in our pajamas together.

Sunday Styles: Everly Grey | Stroller In The City
Sunday Styles: Everly Grey | Stroller In The City
One of the traits I seem to have passed onto the girls is a love of fashion and I simply cannot complain. From holiday dresses and outfits to pajamas we all love styling our wardrobes. Siella, my aspiring designer, especially enjoys exploring new designs. Gemma, my dancer, enjoys dancing and the freedom of movement in a comfortable outfit! Fortunately, matching outfits and pajamas with the girls adds to our quality time. For us, pajamas that are cute and comfortable are the best! Everly Grey has matching gear for the whole family!
Sunday Styles: Everly Grey | Stroller In The City
One of our favorite matching pajama sets are these Charlie Kids 3 Piece Pant Pajamas with cupcakes on them! I mean, how cute?! Aside from pajamas, Everly Grey also offers a nursing, maternity, and baby collection with great styles and quality. Sometimes it can be challenging finding matching clothes for us three girls, but we can all agree on the cute cupcakes and comfort of Everly Grey, and of course a girls’ pj party!

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Sunday Styles: Everly Grey | Stroller In The City

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