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Preventing The Summer Slide

Summertime seems to fly by, but honestly it is a long time to go without the daily routine of school and learning. It seems like kids spend the first few weeks of the school year (and the last few weeks, if we’re being honest) in a fog. They are so used to the freewheeling days of summer without math, science and writing lessons they have to reacquaint themselves come September.

I definitely don’t want my kids to backslide or experience learning loss. School is only going to get more challenging and if they aren’t continuing to read and challenge themselves during the summer months it will be harder to catch up in the fall.

How To Prevent Summer Learning Loss | Stroller In The City

We always try to bridge the gap between school years with some sort of school prep. I also love to throw in a week or two of tutoring during the summer to help them prepare for the upcoming school year, but sometimes we can’t always schedule tutoring or classes. I like to have educational games and activities in constant rotation with my kids.

How To Prevent Summer Learning Loss | Stroller In The City

My good friend Inshira (also a school teacher) recommended we start using Summer Bridge Activities workbooks and turns out my kids actually love them. The exercises are fantastic and cover all the bases for each grade and level. I don’t even have to bargain or plead for them to crack open these books—they just do it on their own as part of our summer routine.

How To Prevent Summer Learning Loss | Stroller In The City

Summer Bridge Activities are designed to prevent summer learning loss and are available from Pre-K levels all the way up to 7th Grade. The activity books have daily 15-minute exercises and cover an assortment of subjects from telling time and writing complete sentences for the kindergarten level to calculating area fractions, similes and metaphors for grades 3-4. There are monthly goals, summer reading and word lists.

How To Prevent Summer Learning Loss | Stroller In The City

The Summer Bridge workbooks also keep the kids mentally and physically active, the hands-on exercises can be done anywhere. The standards-based activities help kids set goals, develop character, practice fitness, and explore the outdoors. It is pretty amazing. I feel confident that they will bridge the summer gab successfully and be ready for school in September. Especially Gemma—who will be starting Kindergarten! Thanks Inshira for the awesome recommend!

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9 thoughts on “Preventing The Summer Slide”

  1. The summer slide is real, and it really affects the kids. I think it’s key to keep the kids’ minds stimulated all summer long so they’re ready for school.

  2. I love these! Making learning fun is the best way to keep the kids excited about it, and keeping them excited keeps them using their noodles.

  3. I’ve always done my best to balance summer fun with keeping my kids’ minds sharp for the coming school year. These books look perfect for striking that balance by keeping learning fun so it doesn’t feel like a chore to them.

  4. I think it’s so important to keep up with everything kids learned in the past school year. Summer is meant for having fun but it’s good to challenge them once in awhile!

  5. I need to refresh my younger two before school starts. I know they are probably victims of the summer slide since they rarely want to do educational stuff.

  6. I can see how summer slide can be a problem. I guess everything is about balance play but still keep the kids mind sharp.

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