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Fall Porch Decor

We are less than a month out from the official start of fall. With school starting, I am already in the fall mindset and ready to change around some decor for my home. Furthermore, seasonal changes can really make the space more fun, provide a great activity for the family and make you feel like there is a fresh start beginning. Particularly, with fall comes Halloween, of course, which is another idea you can use for decorations. I’m a firm believer that it’s never too early to decorate for the seasons and holidays you really enjoy!

Here are some items I’m looking at for my porch out east!


Getting fall specific items can mean so many different things. For instance, textures and colors. When I think of fall, I think of the colors brown, taupe, orange, red and ivory. We get thicker textures such as flannel and knits. Specifically, this can come into play with pillows on outdoor furniture- if you have a bench or some chairs, this is a great way to have seasonal transitions for your home. Another easy change could be with a wreath on your door. I like to have seasonal wreaths to swap out a few times a year. You can even DIY one! Moreover, doormats can be a simple swap, as well. They make fun and affordable options at Target and on Amazon!


This is arguably one of the most fun holidays of the year, so why not get a head start on decorations? Sometimes shipping times can get rough, so ordering now will ensure your items will be here for October! Secondly, pumpkins are the perfect way to start decorating your porch. You can get fake one’s that you can reuse each year, or go pick pumpkins as family and carve them for display.

Versatile Items

Contrarily, versatile items for your outdoor space are items that can stay there year round. Henceforth, I would consider these to be things like furniture and plant pots. Getting a cute bench for your porch is something I always suggest, as it adds a welcoming element to your home. I have hanging chairs out east and the kids love them! Finally, seating allows for great outdoor time to get some fresh air. You can sit and read! For example, another idea is to get pots that you can replant seasonally. Neutral is the way to go with these!

For more outdoor decor ideas, visit here!

Pumpkins scream fall! It’s never too early to put out some decorations in celebration of fall. These are on sale currently!
Warm up your front doors with this seasonal wreath! It’s weatherproof, which is even better!
I love adding tons of plants to my porch, it really makes it feel more homey. These are great becasue they are pre-lit, so you can have extra lighting at night.
Lanterns are a great way to dress up your front or back porch. This one has leaves on it, to make it feel more autumn friendly. You don’t even have to light the candles, they cann be for display!
Sometimes furniture can make the space feel more welcoming. Particularly, this is a great bench and can be decorated with fall pillows!
Switching up your doormats seasonally can be really fun and a great way to start fresh. This is a great option for the season!
If you want a pumpkin for your porch that doesn’t feel too Halloween-like, this is perfect! It’s neutral and gives off a more autumn vibe.
Specifically, wood can be a great transition material for outdoor decor. These lanterns are so nice and can easily transition into the winter months.
I love a good wreath! This one has pinecones and gourds to fit in with the changing seasons. Furthermore, it’s currently on clearance!
A good planter for a new season of plants and flowers is essential! Moreover, this one is neutral and super cute!
These buckets can have so many uses. Finally, they can be used as a planter or even filled to the brim with pumpkins and hay for the season!
Now these are super cool! I love the rustic look to them and I think they modernize any porch for autumn!
Particularly, have you ever had a light up doormat? I think this is seriously so cool and they have a few fun mats to choose from!
Finally, say goodbye to your command hook and hello to this halloween themed one! How perfect to get in the spirit of fall!

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12 thoughts on “Fall Porch Decor”

  1. I’m excited for fall this year and getting the decorations out honestly. I’m really ready to get into the spirit of the season. Love all these different pieces!

  2. I absolutely love the Fall season the most. The faux pumpkins and lanterns are my favorites when it comes to Fall decor. They look lovely.

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