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Top 10 Fall Bags You Need

Is there anything more fun to shop for than purses? I seriously don’t think so! Fall is a fantastic time to shop for because not only is it an exciting weather change after how hot it’s been this summer, but fall fashion is something that is incomparable. I love switching up my bags for the new season and incorporating more fall colors and textures. Bags are a great way to step up an outfit and accessorize a look. A new purse is a fresh start of any new season! Upgrade your fall wardrobe with a good handbag.

Here are the top 10 bags to shop for this fall and how I like to categorize my shopping for them!

For Work

Firstly, does anyone have a hybrid in-person work schedule? If you’re shopping for work, there’s one obvious thing you need to look for: a large bag. That bag needs to fit probably a laptop, lunch, necessities and water, etc. I find that these bags can often double as a diaper bag, if needed! A tote bag is a classic style, but don’t just go for new arrivals this upcoming season. Following the trend report isn’t always the best way to shop, when it comes to purses, I do like to think of them as investment pieces. Think about the things you need for a work bag, it could be an adjustable strap, a bit of structure, an oversized bag, enough room to fit a computer or something that easily wipes clean.

For Play

Moreover, I personally find this category to be the most fun to shop for! I’m looking at my fall calendar and seeing a ton of social events, including fall runways that I will be attending. Immediately, my mind went to “this is a good reason” to shop for a beautiful bag. The fall season is full of great fashion moments, especially for bags. For example, a few purses I’m looking at have faux leather, sherpa, bright colors for a bold look, maybe a micro purse moment, shoulder bag, crossbody bag or bucket bags. I must say, a top-handle bag seems like it’s a new handbag that fits in with fall trends. Accessories are a statement of style, never forget that!

For Everyday

The everyday bag is something that you grab for errands or when you’re running out the door. It’s a bag you feel comfortable with as well as confident. But more importantly, it holds everything you need! The everyday fall handbag a camera bag, braided bag or one with a detachable shoulder strap are some great places to start. Personally, I like a crossbody strap for when I’m on the go! Finally, I hope you find at least one bag you like below for the new season!

I’d love to know what bags you have your eye on for the fall season.

Happy Shopping!

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A go-to clutch for the fall is something I’ve been on the hunt for! I love this one and the variety of textures is so cute!
Would you believe me if I told you this is a lunchbox? Yes, it is! The inside is completely insulated, while the outside looks like a cute bag! They come in tons of colors, sizes and you can even get them monogrammed.
I love the texture and color of this purse! It’s perfect for any evening event you have this fall.
I love brown bags for fall, I think they are perfect to transition into the new season. They are also so versatile.
Sherpa bags are super in for the fall! I love this one, I think it is absolutely adorable and it actually fits so much.
This is a great transition bag! It’s big enough to fit everything you need while still feeling like a little bit of summer is coming into fall.
Quilted bags are very on trend for the upcoming colder seasons. They’re super comfortable and this one is great because it fits a ton of stuff inside!
Commuting to work or need a new work bag? This one is perfect! It has a lot of space and compartments for organization. Choose from different colors and fabrics!
Another quilted type of bag- but this is great for a night out! The chain strap is so fun and adds some texture to the look.
Another great bag for work or a full day out is this one! Finally, it’s not only super comfortable, but so easy to clean and it fits everything!

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