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The Shoes You Need in Your Closet Right Now

Shoe shopping has to be one of my top 5 favorite things to shop for! I personally believe that you can never have too many shoes. And with the change in seasons, we get to incorporate more shoes that we haven’t been able to wear for awhile, like boots! Finding shoes that I can walk long distances in the city in is also a tough feat, but I’m always up for it. Particularly, I’m looking forward to the cooler season and all of the booties I will be styling with new outfits!

Here’s how I narrow down my shopping for new shoes and the top 15 shoes to shop from for the upcoming season:


Trends come and go, but they’re really fun! I think it’s all about intentions when it comes to purchasing items that are trendy. Because they sometimes are only in style for a short period of time, you want to find ways to keep them useful in your closet and that can be by them being a pop of color or pattern to any outfit or simply because you are comfortable in them! A few trends I’m noticing for the fall are clogs, cream boots and knee high boots. All of which are totally trends that are here to stay for awhile– or at least will be back in style in just a few short years!


Practicality is everything, especially living in NYC. I want to have shoes that I can not only be comfortable getting from point a to point b in, but shoes that I will get a ton of wear out of. Our closets are only so big here! But seriously, it’s good to be able to get enough wear out of the items we purchase. So often I hear people say “oh I only wore those once” and I would rather make purchases on items I know I will get enough use of. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of getting them?! Furthermore, practical shoes can mean several things.

Everyday: Everyday wear is great to shop for! And shoes that can take you from day to night time are amazing, especially if you live in a big city and have less shoe storage space. There are a ton of booties that are comfortable and stylish for fall and can be dressed up or down.

Going Out: This is where the heels come in! But the shoes that you’ll reach for most nights. These can be knee high boots, chunky heeled booties, cream colored booties, essentially any fall colored heel.


We can sometimes go overboard when it comes to shopping for new pairs of shoes. Furthermore, we’ve all done it and it’s easy to get excited and carried away. Creating a budget for the season to shop with can aid in this. You can shop for practical shoes and spend less on them to get more or splurge on the one’s you’ve had your eye on and just get a ton of wear out of them. There’s really no wrong way to go about it, it’s all about how you’re feeling and what you think you need and want in your closet. Finally, if you have enough everyday shoes, go for that fun pair! And rock them!

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Cream colored booties are still in, and in fact, maybe now more than ever! I love these for the upcoming season because they’re easy to walk in, incredibly versatile and waterproof!
Secondly, this is the style everyone will be wearing this fall! I love a taller boot, especially to wear with skirts and dresses as a transition shoe. These are stunning, come in a few colors and you need them!
Birkenstocks are back, baby! This is a great option for the cooler months, but still has the clog feel. Hurry because they are flying off the shelves!
I think these are super cute for both a daytime and nighttime look! They come in black, as well, and are super easy to walk in.
Pink boots? Yes, please! Getting ready for the cooler months over here by shopping early for boots. You know I love anything pink and these look very warm.
If you’re on the hunt for some versatile boots for the upcoming cooler months, these are for you! They go with everything and are so comfortable.
A pop of pink! Clogs are some of my favorite styles of shoes, I just think they add a great texture and look to any outift.
Boots that go with everything and can be worn out at night are hard to come by. These are so on trend, yet classic enough to keep in your closet for years to come.
These are some viral booties! Everyone is talking about these Target boots and I see why, they’re so cute! They come in 3 different shades and are incredibly affordable.
Another fabulous Target find! I’ve been looking for some mules that I can wear out to events and I love these! They are afforable and I love the knot design.
Brown shades are perfect for autumn. I love these shoes, I have a few colors and am excited to get my hands on this pair for autumn! A trusty dressy shoe.
Every outfit needs some pink! These are a good basic sneaker, that are elevated at the same time. Literally, they are platforms!
Everyday booties are essential. These are perfect! Moreover, they come in a few shades, are comfortable and how could I say no to metallic?!
Dolce Vita does it again! These booties are seriously perfect. Furthermore, they’re easy to walk in, which is important in a big city and they go with everything. Shop the few shades they offer!
For anyone that struggles finding a wide calf boot, these are amazing! Finally, they go with everything and are one of the best knee high boots out there!

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17 thoughts on “The Shoes You Need in Your Closet Right Now”

  1. Ah! The ones with the teddy fabric stress me out (especially the Birks!). I’d have a hard time keeping them clean. I love the other choices, though!

  2. They are all so pretty. I used to love shopping for shoes — and had tons of pretty ones, especially when singing was still my livelihood. You can’t go onstage without standing out.

    But now, I go for practical. In your list, I only have the platform sneakers, but I’ve already added to cart a pair of ankle boots like your #4.

    P.S. I love Birkenstocks!

  3. So many wonderful shoes you have there! Birkenstocks are one of my favorite brands, you simply can’t go wrong with it and always in style. All are great choices though!

  4. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    Agree that one should always purchase shoes that one would use frequently. That said, Birkenstock Boston Teddy Shearlings
    from your list are my favourite. Forwarding this post to my lady friends who are going to draw a lot more benefit from it.

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