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Ergobaby launches 360 Carrier

If there is one piece of baby gear I haven’t changed since becoming a mom 5 1/2 years ago, it would be my Ergobaby carrier, seriously. I have used my Ergo with all three of my babies, even still with Gemma. Living in NYC and being on the go all the time, baby wearing is key to getting around town. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Ergobaby newest launch, the 360 carrier! The event held at the Museum of Natural History was the perfect venue for a family weekend outing, something that Ergo prides itself on.



Ergo baby  is  now  celebrating  its  10  year  anniversary.  Over  the  years  their  carriers  have  evolved  while  staying  true to  the design   principles. The   360  Carrier  offers  parents  the  convenience  of  four  carry  positions,  including  forward  facing  position (huge!),  while  maintaining  the  highest  standards  in  ergonomic  design  to  ensure  safety  and  comfort  for  both baby and  parent.


This carrier could not have come at a better time for my family. With Gemma just turning a year, she is at that age where she now wants to see the world and experience it as well are. Especially with watching her siblings, she is constantly wanting to keep up with them. Facing her forward has become a way better option for us.


The highlight of the 360 Carrier is the option of wearing your baby forward facing, as well as front inward, back, and  hip  for the ultimate in flexibility. The Ergobaby 360 Carrier’s  innovative  design  features a structured  bucket  seat to support the baby in a seated position and maintain ideal hip and spine positioning. The revolutionary carrier seat is designed with an adjustable width to ensure comfort for baby and healthy hip positioning in all four carry positions.


The carrier also features a convertible back  support and adjustable hood same as the original, as well as a newly  designed  waistband  that  is  comfortable  for  parents  and  designed  to  be  worn  in  variable  positions  on  the  waist  to  ensure  that  baby  is  always at the perfect height. And let me tell you Gemma is no lightweight and I can wear her all day in my Ergobaby. The day after the event, we headed to the Met’s game and it was no problem carrying her all day. She loved the game from her new perspective! Thank you Ergo!

Ergo baby  360  Carrier  comes in  black  and  grey colors  and is available  at  www.ergobaby.com


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7 thoughts on “Ergobaby launches 360 Carrier”

  1. Exactly what we need at the moment. My son just turned 1 as well and doesn’t want to be backwards facing anymore.

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