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Elf The Musical Giveaway

There’s nothing quite like a festive musical to get you into the holiday spirit. New York City is truly a magical place during the holidays with so much to see and do! Each year, our family makes it a tradition to catch an amazing performance happening in the city. This year, I was super psyched to hear that ELF The Musical was performing at Madison Square Garden. I saw this performance years ago when it was on Broadway, and I cannot wait to take the kids now to see it!

ELF The Musical is much like the movie. It is a hilarious tale of Buddy, who crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts as a child and is mistakenly transported to the North Pole. Buddy grows up thinking he’s an elf, but between his lousy toy-making abilities and enormous size, he begins to realize he’s not like the others. With Santa’s blessing, Buddy sets off on a whirlwind journey through New York City to find his birth father and learn about his past. With mayhem, mischief, and laughs-a-plenty, this fresh and funny holiday classic is sure to make everyone embrace their inner ELF.

The Theater at Madison Square Garden has become a destination venue for spreading holiday cheer annually, and has presented some of the most sought after family productions including Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical, Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical, A Christmas Story: The Musical; Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan; A Christmas Carol, The Musical; and Wintuk by Cirque du Soleil.

Performances of Elf The Musical begin December 13 and run through December 29 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Tickets are on sale now and start at $39. But with code FAMELF you can safe up to 20% off tickets.


Now to win a family 4 pack from SITC! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite tradition you do with your family during the holidays! Winner will be announced Monday November 20th!



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55 thoughts on “Elf The Musical Giveaway”

  1. Elf has become my favorite holiday movie over the last few years and the idea of seeing it performed live is awesome. I hope this show makes its way to the Las Vegas area someday!

  2. One of my favorite traditions to share with my family is going to visit the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and ice skate on Christmas Eve! We have dinner and head over and it feels so Christmassy and magical. It really elevates the experience and my daughter looks forward to it each year. We also have an advent calendar ( I just bought a new one from Trader Joe’s last night) and every morning she eats her piece of chocolate and gets excited that it is one day closer to Christmas!

  3. Every year we get a special ornament, put the year on it, and everyone signs it! Love to see these over the years especially when the kids are signing them on their own. I’ve carried this tradition on from my parents who did this when I was growing up.

  4. OMG! I would love to see this with my kiddos. Every year we have a tree trimming party with family as they come over to help decorate the tree. I also let the kids have their own tree that they can decorate and I don’t interfere. Keeps them happy and my OCD in check lol

  5. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I MUST see Elf the Musical! Elf is my all time favorite Christmas movie, and I can only imagine how much fun the musical must be.

  6. I think this would be such a wonderful play to take the family to for the season. My kids love the movie and I know we’d have a ton of fun there.

  7. What a beautiful show to see. I love the idea of seeing Elf the Musical, looks perfect for the holiday season. Super entertaining and magical.

  8. This is such a fun story and seeing it live sounds amazing! It’s such a great mixture of comedy and Christmas themes!

  9. Elf is one of my favorite movies! I live in Kansas but am actually visiting NYC during December….it would be amazing to win these tickets!

  10. Our favorite tradition is making Christmas cookies to give to people and driving around looking at all the decorated homes. This year I’m going to teach my 4 year old son to give to those who aren’t as fortunate as others. We are going to give away clothes and toys in hopes it brightens the holiday for others .

  11. Elf is a classic favorite especially this season. It’s just one of the best movies to watch for Christmas. I think it’s awesome that they’re having a musical based on the movie. It would be so nice to watch it!

  12. We love going to look at the store windows in the city during the Holiday season. Macys’ windows are especially a big hit. We would love to win this!

  13. I am hosting the same giveaway because I cannot wait to see this myself! It took me until earlier this year to see the original movie, and it was terrific. So excited!

  14. My favorite Christmas tradition is Fowler Family Christmas! We always travel for the holidays, but we make a special day of visiting Santa at Macy’s and opening our gift at home before we go. ????

  15. Every year on Christmas Eve, a neighbor dresses as Santa, goes on the roof of his brownstone and zip lines down gifts for all the kids on our block. (Of course, all the parents bring a labeled gift to him prior.)

  16. Our favorite Christmas tradition is going to cut our own Christmas tree. We make the whole weekend after thanksgiving all about Christmas. From decorating the house inside and out, going to get our tree so we can then decorate it the following day with some hot cocoa and Christmas music.

  17. My girls (5 and 7) have never seen snow and have been begging to go to nyc. So we are surprising them and going in Dec! I hope a new tradition will form, which is traveling to beautiful places to celebrate the holidays! (I am pretty sure it won’t snow while we’re there, but a girl can hope!)

  18. Our favorite tradition during the holidays is doing Christmas crafts and baking! My kids would love to see this! Elf is our favorite Christmas movie!

  19. GEANINE Petraglia

    Our favorite family tradition is baking! We whip out our grandparents cookbook and bake their favorite dessert recipes together as a family every year. My family would really love to see Elf the musical. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  20. One of our family traditions is going out for a super traditional Italian dinner and then going to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree – no matter how many times you see it, it never gets old. Would love to take my crew to see Elf the Musical!

  21. Our family’s favorite tradition is heading into Philadelphia (where I grew up) and we give out hot chocolate, some blankets and purchase a few meals for the homeless. I love that my 13 year old son is so involved in this tradition.

  22. Our favorite is always spending time with friends and family! With everyone’s busy schedule, it’s so great that we can somehow find time to be with our loved ones and we always treasure that.

  23. We always have to watch White Christmas AND Elf of course. Then we start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I can’t wait!

  24. We have so many family traditions since I was little that we’ve kept. My favorite, however, since having my own kid is baking chocolate chip cookies for Santa Christmas Eve.

  25. My dad always reads “‘Twas the night before Christmas” on Christmas Eve. as a bedtime story. It started when we were little and now he reads it to my kids (and me and everyone else. Years of practice have made the reading very dramatic!)

  26. I’ve wanted to see this and my boys Love the movie!! I love our Christmas Eve traditions. We typically go to my sister’s to celebrate with my side of the family and eat. After we leave, we go to a local favorite for dinner. Once home, the boys open two gifts each. One is a new ornament and the othe is a new set of pajamas. We put our holiday pj’s on, leave our cookies that we made, milk, and carrots for Santa and the reindeer. Then, we watch Polar Express and read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas before the boys go to sleep. We’ve been doing this every year since we had our oldest.

  27. This would be wonderful for my grandsons. One tradition is going to one of my daughter’s to be with family members and having a lovely time.

  28. I love our town’s tree lighting ceremony! It’s so sweet as the community gets together, sings carols,enjoys cocoa, etc. we look forward to it every year.

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