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The Lightning Thief Musical Gives A Real Charge

Percy Jackson books are favorites in our house. My kids and even my husband and I love these series by Rick Riordan. They’re full of excitement, adventure, and heart, and they make for great reading whether you’re a tween or an adult. That’s why I was so excited to take the kids to see The Lightning Thief musical on Broadway. We were all eager to see how the adventures from the book would be translated to the stage. And let me just say…it didn’t disappoint.

All I can say is wow. If you only see one musical this year with your kids – or even on your own – this is it. This production is an absolute miracle. The acting is amazing. The original score is powerful and punchy. The songs are wonderful. The lighting, effects, and costuming throughout this musical are on a level I’ve never seen before, and the entire thing enthralled Ryder, Siella, and myself from start to finish.

I was incredibly impressed with the Lightning Theif musical from the opening scene to the closing lines. It was fairly faithful to the books, and even the parts that were changed to make it more stage-friendly would only irk the most super of super fans. If your children are fans of the Percy Jackson books or if you just love a good musical and great effects, I highly encourage you to go see The Lightning Thief musical on Broadway. It’s an incredibly satisfying experience on every level.

Tickets are on sale now! Performances began September 20th and must close by January 5th! 


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10 thoughts on “The Lightning Thief Musical Gives A Real Charge”

  1. I have heard so many wonderful things about these books. I’m going to have to see if my daughters would like to read them. Hopefully they’ll be interested in them too.

  2. I have never read the Percy Jackson series and neither have my kids. I should see if my son would like to read them. I bet the musical was something to see.

  3. My daughter is a big fan of Percy Jackson the movie and I am sure she is going to enjoy watching this musical show like how she enjoyed watching the movie.

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