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Disney For Halloween

The girls are all about playing dress up. It’s probably one of their most favorite things to do, so you can bet anytime we home, they have on some crazy outfit. Twirly dresses, sparkle crowns, chef coats, little heeled shoes, and the occasional lipstick, these are the memories that forge their relationship for life. I could watch them play for hours, just listening to their high pitched voices, acting out imaginary scenarios in sheer excitement.

Disney Costumes For Halloween

A brand that has become a staple in their dress-up wardrobe is Little Gloriana. Our (and I say our because I totally swoon our these twirly girl dresses too) obsession started when they released an Elsa inspired dress, during the Frozen craze. Siella wore that dress for weeks on end. Little Gloriana even made matching mini me dresses, for their baby dolls.

Disney Costumes For HalloweenDisney Costumes For Halloween Disney Costumes For Halloween

As the seasons passed, Little Gloriana introduced an entire Princess Collection. For our first trip to Disney Land two years ago, I picked up the Little Mermaid and Aurora dresses for the girls.

Disney Costumes For Halloween Disney Costumes For Halloween Disney Costumes For Halloween

When we booked Disney World the following year (posts here and here), the girls went as Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. I cannot tell you how many times we were stopped at Magic Kingdom, by people admiring their outfits. They were comfortable for the girls to wear on rides all day long, on either warm or cool days.

Disney Costumes For Halloween

When I finally had the opportunity to meet Gloriana, the designer behind this mastermind brand, I told her the girls has some suggestions on a few more princesses that weren’t in the collection – Minnie Mouse and Snow White.

Disney Costumes For Halloween IMG_4331

I can’t tell you how stoked I was, when Gloriana emailed to let me know that she had made these dresses! The girls went bananas when the dresses arrived and just like all the others, she made mini me versions for their baby dolls.

Disney Costumes For Halloween Disney Costumes For Halloween

If your little one is looking for a Disney inspired Halloween costume, you have to check out Little Gloriana. These dresses are so well made that they will last well beyond October 31st.

Disney Costumes For Halloween Disney Costumes For Halloween

But honestly, I think we need to plan another trip to Disney, so they can rock these new characters.

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12 thoughts on “Disney For Halloween”

  1. Your family is adorable! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I would love to take my son to Disney for Halloween because I bet he would have a blast.

  2. Oh my goodness, all of these are just perfect. I love how flowy and simple they are, yet so beautiful. We are planning a disney trip for 2018, so I need to look into these

  3. We are planning a trip to Disney in the new year. Getting my Daughter one of these dresses as a surprise would be a great gift idea.

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