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Halloween Costume Ideas You’ll Love

Halloween is coming up in just 4 short weeks and we’re fully beginning to prepare for the spookiest night of the year! We often find ourselves running to Spirit Halloween for last minute costumes, but this year will be different! Particularly, we’re planning ahead and finding some of the best costumes for some Halloween fun! The kids had plenty of costume ideas for them and their best friends full of popular themes and popular characters. There will be no last-minute costume idea issues this season! Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas:

Popular Characters

A lot of kids want to go for popular characters to dress up as for a good time! Some of the most popular costumes are iconic characters from films and characters such as Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Peter Pan, Snow White, Princess Leia from Star Wars, Jurassic World, the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, characters from Stranger Things and so many more ideas that make up a genius idea. Amazon Prime has a ton of costumes in stock and the shipping is incredibly fast. A cult favorite is always a good option to go for if you’re ever in a pinch for a perfect Halloween costume!


Dressing little one’s up as animals is a go-to for me. They’re just so cute! Go to a costume shop and get some great ideas for this category! This is also something that is easy for DIY costumes, as it can simple be animal heads and solid clothing or a one piece with ears. Moreover, the whole family can enjoy this look! Everyone can be a character from a movie with woodland creatures or animals from a farm. Dogs, cats, ducks and bunnies are some classic options.

School Appropriate

While most schools have costume parties, it’s important to make sure the costumes are appropriate to wear to school. This really applies to the scarier looks, mostly. It can feel difficult to come up with a creative costume if you feel restricted, but making sure it’s within the comfort zone is important. No weapons, masks and making sure costumes go along with school guidelines are good rules to follow for this. For instance, you like scary Halloween costumes, maybe consider saving those for trick or treating and go for something that’s more along the lines of easy Halloween costumes. Have fun at your school party and wear something you are comfortable with that is safe and follows the rules. If you are unsure, check with your teachers!

Have a happy and safe Halloween and be sure to share your costume ideas in the comments to help a friend out!

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Firstly, I love cute little costumes for babies and little ones! These are super comfortable too, which is important for a long night of trick or treating! If you have little kids, they can match!
We’ve all seen the new Little Mermaid trailer right?! By the way, my girls are so excited for that! A mermaid is always a fun costume option!
Do your kids like dinosaurs? Well then this is the costume for them! It’s only one piece and you can wear anything you’d like under, so you can dress warmer for trick or treating.
Another really cute costume is an astronaut! It’s appropriate for school and so fun!
The Wizard of Oz is always in style! This is a fun costume that is totally timeless.
This is the perfect costume for children with sensory needs. It’s absolutely adorable and they will feel like the most beautiful princess! There’s also a really cool rocketship and tons of other options!
Peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers. I love the sparkles on this costume and the tutu is so fun!
Did someone call Wonder Woman?! Specifically, this is another timeless, iconic and empowering costume!
These wings are great! It ships quickly from Amazon and there are 2 color options.
I don’t know about you, but my kids are always fascinated with Shark Week! This costume is a great price and ships quickly!
Gemma has been enjoying reading Harry Potter over the past year! We especially like watching the movies as a family! This is a classic costume.
Moreover, NYC people, this is kind’ve a hilarious costume, right?! We’re known for our pizza here and it’s simple, yet great for a school costume party.
Furthermore, frozen is a favorite in this household! Elsa is a great costume option and one that will surely make you feel like a queen!
Finally, a classic homage to Clueless! I always loved this look, it’s so classic!

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14 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas You’ll Love”

  1. Fall_Mural_Design

    I super love how creative some of these ideas are, wow!!! Super super cool…I love Halloween, my favorite holiday ever…

  2. Dressing like popular characters for Halloween is always a go to for me. It’s also a great conversation starter too because you can connect with people over your favorite shows/movies.

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