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Childhood Heirlooms {& American Girl Giveaway}

I knew when I introduced Siella to the American Girl brand, that we were diving into something deep. Since she has become a member of the American Doll community, she always asks to take a trips to the Fifth Avenue store. It started on her fourth birthday, when she received her first Bitty Baby, whom she named Heart Star. I was going to wait longer to introduce another American Girl into the family, but following a launch party at their store, I couldnt resist, the girls got their first big girl doll, Mary Ellen Larkin. I explained to Siella the value of these sweet dolls, and how one day, when she gets older, her dolls can be passed down to her children, the same way I passed some special childhood dolls on to her and her sister. I adore watching her take care of her dollies, the way she dresses them, and even puts them down to sleep.

IMG_8477 IMG_8455

This year, I am obsessed with American Doll’s new Girl Of The Year, Lea Clark. What I love so much about Lea is how she is inspired by travel- something I try to do often with my children. Lea is from Brazil, and she explores on different adventures with her brother and friends. She dons long, light brown wavy hair with sun-kissed highlights, warm hazel eyes, and comes with the Lea Dives paperback book. Her Brazilian festival outfit is bright and multicolored, featuring a braided belt, and gorgeous sandals with crisscrossed laces, along with accessories including an embroidered canvas messenger bag and pretend compass necklace.

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Other Lea’s accessories which can be purchased separately include a camera that can be held or hung around her neck, a braided headband, four animal photos, a 3-in-1 wish bracelet, featuring three ribbons with her wishes printed on them and a sea turtle charm, her own passport, and a mini book about sea turtles. I think I’ll be surprising the girls with these fun extras for Valentine’s Day or Easter.

IMG_8492 IMG_8498

American Girl really inspires little girls to become something big, and I am definitely a fan of this new girl and what she believes in. Our little American Girl trips have become mommy and me time that I cherish so much. To kick off SITC giveaways for the New Year, I will be giving away one American Girl Doll Of The Year! Just follow the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

American Girl Of The Year Lea Clark

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57 thoughts on “Childhood Heirlooms {& American Girl Giveaway}”

  1. I think Lea Clark might be my new favorite. I am also a huge believer of world travel for kids. Being exposed to different cultures and experiences are the best lessons! Our girls 5 & 8 have already been to Mexico, Thailand, and France. This year we are taking them to Vietnam.

  2. I just game my 4 year old my old Samantha doll! She’s timeless and definitely my (I mean my daughters ????) favorite!

  3. Deborah large Scuotto

    My oldest plays all day. She loves the stories behind each doll she has. Her favorite is kit. She reads her story all the time. I love that instead of video games she plays with her dolls. She even made a room with tons of accessories for them. My husband built a balance beam for the doll and uneven pArallel bars. Her imagination is endless with them.

  4. My daughter got her first American Girl doll last year! It was such an amazing experience. She treasures her doll and now we are all American Girl obsessed! She’s been dreaming of Lea Clark ever since we watched the countdown of hints and the catalogue arrived!

  5. Katherine Palmer

    My favorite American Girl doll is a tough one, there have been so many over the years. so here is a list. Kit, Kaya, Molly, Samantha, Saige, Kanani,Felicity… there more of course but those are just a few. but right now I would have to say my favorite is Caroline.

  6. Taylor Alies Clark

    I don’t see where my comment posted! Can you see another from me? Our favorite is Lea. My Daughter is an advocate for all marine life, loves the water, loves music and photography, AND looks just like Lea…in addition to sharing the same surname 🙂

  7. My favorite doll is Samantha Parkington because she stood up and talked about issues like child labor even when other people tried to convince her not to do so. She wasn’t afraid to point out the things that she felt were wrong.

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