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Childhood Chronicles

Yesterday was probably one of the best days we’ve had so far this summer. The weather lately has been extremely hot and humid, and quite frankly unbearable. With another scorcher predicted, I pulled the big kids from camp, and hit the Jersey Shore. I grew up going there and it brings back so many memories whenever we visit any of the New Jersey shore points.

Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk

For some added fun on our beach day, I planned to spend part of the afternoon on Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. We had access to the beach, the amusement park, an aquarium, and the boardwalk filled with endless games and activities.

I let the kids decide which activity we do first, and naturally they went right for the games. The boardwalk had all the favorites including the water squirters, jumping frogs, and fishing for a prize. Once each of the kids had won their own stuffed animal, we cooled down with a visit to the air conditioned Aquarium. During our hour inside, we checked out the huge shark tank, and other attractions with different kinds of creatures, saw a penguin feeding and even held and touched star fish and sting rays.

Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's BoardwalkVisiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk

Next up, the rides. Some amusement parks don’t have enough rides that cater to the very young ones, but Jenkinson’s was the perfect balance. This outing marked the first time Gemma rode alone, like a big girl, without mommy. Watching her face as she came around each time was priceless. Of course, there were still rides, like the roller coaster, which required supervision, but she loved them just the same. In fact, Siella gets a little scared on fast rides, but didn’t seem to mind it at all. We laughed and screamed the entire ride, staying on for three runs in a row. I felt like I scored high points in the parenting circuit that day.

Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk Visiting Jenkinson's Boardwalk

The amusement park wasn’t overwhelming in size, leaving time for the kids to take breaks in between the rides, to walk off to the boardwalk and play some games. By the time we had our fill of the rides, games, sea life, and sweets, it was time to head home. Each of them walked back to the car, with prizes under arms, proud of their winnings. The drive home was peaceful, with all three passed out cold in the back seat, as we made it back to NYC in record time. Before getting into bed, we laughed about our action packed day, and I am confident that it was a childhood memory we will all remember for sure.

And as a gift to you..I am giving away a family of 5 day VIP Day Pass that allows access to the beach, aquarium, and unlimited rides! Head over to my IG account for deets…..contest runs till August 3rd. (Giveaway closed.)

As part of being a Jenkinson’s Memory Maker Ambassador, I have been provided with a voucher for my visit.

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