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Kid Friendly At The Conrad

After 10 years of living in Battery Park, I’ve noticed many changes in our neighborhood, especially in the last two years. I wish I had the time to search through my millions of old photos for when Jason and I first moved down here. It seems like nowadays, you are not allowed to move to Battery Park unless you have a stroller and a dog, which is great for us, because we love having so many young families around.

Trying The Children's Menu At ATRIOTrying The Children's Menu At ATRIO

When we do venture out for dinner, we tend to stick close to home, because we know that restaurants cater to the many young residents. With Ryder’s gluten restrictions, restaurant options are sometimes limited, so I am always looking for new options, which is why I was psyched to hear that our neighborhood hotel, The Conrad, has introduced their own children’s menu at their restaurant ATRIO. It was refreshing to find that they not only had gluten-free bread, they also offer a healthy roast chicken with veggies option, made of course pint size for the little ones.

Trying The Children's Menu At ATRIO Trying The Children's Menu At ATRIOTrying The Children's Menu At ATRIO

Our seating at the Conrad was an invite only tasting, so the two big kids felt super special they were able to get a taste of the menu before it was offered to guests the following day. The Conrad’s new addition not only includes a lunch and dinner menu, but a weekend brunch as well. My family loves brunch on the weekends, and we cant wait to head back to the Conrad!

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