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Brianne’s Closet: Favorite Bags

Finding an everyday bag that is small enough to actually schlep around daily but functional enough to carry the essentials like snacks, water, wallet, lip balm, and an assortment of accessories and kids nicknacks is a pretty tall order. I love an oversized tote but sometimes it feels like I’m searching for the missing link when I dig around for my wallet. I’ve rounded up a bunch of different bags from high-end to downtown grown-up hipster cool.


1. Liebeskind Leather Bag 2. Fjallraven Tote/backpack  3. Fringe Bucket

4. Kate Spade Shoulder Bag  5. Coach Bag 6. Cross-Body

7. Foley + Corinna Cross-Body 8. Rebecca Minkoff Hobo

9. Clare V. Fanny Pack 10. LeSportSac Everyday Bag

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