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Our Morning Breakfasts

We are officially at the halfway mark for this summer break, I am so sadden by the thought of our slow mornings coming to an ending. In September, we will be back to the school dash and rushing everyone to get out the door. Ryder’s bus comes at 6:40am each morning, so I cannot tell you the chaos we go through each day. But that doesn’t diminish the importance of breakfast. All it takes is an extra ten minutes in the morning to get things off to a good start. Even if time is tight, and the kids need to scurry away I always make sure to have a healthy breakfast for them on the table.

Our Morning Breakfasts | Stroller In The City

Breakfast for us is pretty simple- eggs, fresh fruit, an array of spreads like peanut butter, jams, and butter, and of course, Thomas’ English Muffins. In Gemma’s case, sliced banana, and a Thomas’ English Muffin with butter, and she is just content. In fact, she’s got me into that too! I love how the butter pools in the nooks & crannies. The pooling, people, its all about the pooling! There’s really nothing quite like Thomas’ English Muffins. It’s the ONLY brand that delivers a one-of-a-kind eating experience with its original Nooks & Crannies texture.

Our Morning Breakfasts | Stroller In The CityOur Morning Breakfasts | Stroller In The City

My breakfast sandwich perfect for the whole family: Lightly toast a Thomas’ English Muffin, smear a little butter, add some scrambled eggs (or a fried egg works too), grate a touch of pepper-jack cheese and top with a thin slice of avocado. Plate it, or wrap it in foil and hit the road! Like magic, the nooks and crannies keep everything in place. And remember, no knives, so little fingers can pull a muffin apart, when your kids are old enough to start fending for themselves!

Our Morning Breakfasts | Stroller In The CityOur Morning Breakfasts | Stroller In The CityOur Morning Breakfasts | Stroller In The City

I have memories of eating Thomas’ as a kid, or in college grabbing one as I ran out the door for college. And I’m pretty sure my kiddies are always going to remember their mama’s breakfast sandwiches with Thomas’ English Muffins.

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Our Morning Breakfasts | Stroller In The City



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10 thoughts on “Our Morning Breakfasts”

  1. I love English muffins for breakfast. I also love them for lunch and dinner, too. They’re so good. I always get Thomas if I can because they can hold so much butter. Om nom nom.

  2. Back to school time again! It is going to be chaos for the first few weeks but once my kids have settled back into “school schedule,” everything will be easier. We also love Thomas’ English muffins for breakfast. My kids’ favorite is to toast them a little and have it as a sandwich with sausage and scrambled egg for filling.

  3. This is perfect. I was just speaking with my 9 year old daughter about what she wants for breakfast when school starts and I showed her this post. She wants a Thomas’ English Muffin with cheese just like. you mentioned.

  4. English muffins are one of our favorite breakfasts. They have so many different possibilities for toppings or to be made into sandwiches.

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