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Desk Necessities For At Home Learning

Last week I shared our Back To Learning Guide that was fashion and school supply focused. But the reality is that most students this year will continue to learn from home. To properly stay focused and motivated, our children are going to need well organized desk spaces! With three kids learning from home in an NYC apartment I know how quickly things can become unproductive. Creating a designated learning space for my kids allows them to find a more school like structure from home. Virtual/Distant learning is a tricky thing to navigate, specially with working parents, but it also comes with a lot of fun advantages when properly set up. I hope this guide can be helpful to all your students in getting their spaces ready for the 2020/2021 school year.

First and formost one must stay organized with their daily lessons. This planner helps students prepare accordingly.
Keep all the loose objects organized! scissors, pens, markers, pencils, and more can easily be stashed and accessible with this organizer!
This awesome no pins pinboard can be a helpful visual guide to any students to do list or agenda.
If your student is learning from home they wont need a backpack as much as a file sorter. Keep all their folders or subject materials separately organized with this fun star holder.
If you prefer a more tucked away look, a file drawer is another great option to keeping paper materials organized and accessible.
These days when it comes to my kids growing backs, I’m less worried about the weight of a backpack and more about their chairs back support. A great supportive chair is an at home desk necessity..
While virtually learning, your kids are going to need headphones. This 2 pack is totally affordable and comes in fun colors!
These glasses block harsh blue lights making it easier on our kids when learning virtually on their screens.
I love the idea of a rolling cart with all of their materials. Whether my kids work in their bedroom or together in the dining room this cart can go with them!
Time management is a skill we must all learn! Help your kids keep track of their schedule with a desk clock.
A desk lamp is one of the first things to go on a desk. This gold option is super versatile for any bedroom or space decor.
I find that my kids love having a large visual to their current month. A desk pad calendar helps them easily write in lesson plans and notes.
This awesome touchscreen calendar displays your whole family’s schedule!

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20 thoughts on “Desk Necessities For At Home Learning”

  1. Wonderful compilation of items here. I would love to own a rolling cart that could hold my necessary stuff.

  2. Melanie williams

    There are some great items here for sure, I would be lost without my desk organiser and I have a white board too to keep me organised x

  3. These are great items to add to my home office. I have been looking for a file cabinet for my home office. That’s planner is super cute and will help so much with staying organized!

  4. These are all important items for a student and especially if they are distance learning. The blue eye glasses stood out for me.

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