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September Books For Kids

Back to school always means gearing up my kids with new fashion, accessories, and products they need for a successful school year. And though most of us think new shoes and backpacks, I often add new books to the list. This year especially I’ll be leaning into adding to my kids library to help keep them educated and growing from home. Books are one of the easiest ways I can keep my children learning while having fun. My little Gemma LOVES to read and I always get such a kick watching her discover new words. As always I try to keep the stories diverse in age group, character representation, and overall message.

This might be my favorite Rebel Girl book yet! This edition features 100 immigrant women who changed the world for the better!
Humans can work through any adversity with the power of hope. 2020 is a bizarre year for children, but this story reminds them how brave they’ve been and how strong they truly are.
A magical visual guide to all the movies and characters we love. Book also comes with information about the creation behind each movie.
After an apple falls on Newtons head, he decides to discover the world of gravity. He gets his sister Curie’s help in discovering some of life’s most scientific questions.
One of my favorite musical books series Cali’s Books has now teamed up with Grouplove for this super fun rock music book! Great for little musicians!
For as long as ZJ can remember his dad has been his hero. But as his fathers football injuries begin to set in and his father begins loosing his memory ZJ is forced to appreciate his father in a whole new way.
This story by Lebron James encourages children and students to always reach for the stars. A true story of encouragement and motivation.
Readers will learn all about the history and childhood of the legend that was Kobe Bryant.
Go exploring with Maestro Mouse and his musical friends! Proceeds will go towards supporting music education worldwide!
With everyone now having to wear masks in school and in businesses this story is very with the times. A fun read that will help your children be more comfortable wearing their own mask.
Pippo loves pizza! And though she thinks pizza is the “best” food in the world, she quickly discovers that “best” might not mean what she thinks.
This interactive lyrical story describes the special bond and relationship between father and child.
Experiencing a loss and loosing a family member can be incredibly difficult. This story helps children learn how to navigate loss and all the complex feelings.
Intentionally Unplugged’s children’s books are a great resource for sparking conversation between parents and kids on the importance of human connection.

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14 thoughts on “September Books For Kids”

  1. This looks like a wonderful collection of books for kids. It’s important to keep them reading while they’re home so long!

  2. This is an excellent grouping of books for kids. We just purchased a few books for the boys, they’re super picky readers. I’ll have to share this with some friends who wanted some book ideas for her kiddo for homeschool reading time this year!

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