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Beauty Gift Sets from Saranghae

Beauty gift sets are something I love to give during the holiday season. They’re great for anyone because, really, who doesn’t love to feel pampered? There’s nothing like a nice gift set filled with luxurious products to make anyone feel special. It’s basically a home spa session in a box. This year I have three great beauty gift sets to show off, and they’re all from Saranghae, one of my favorite skincare companies.

If you’ve never heard of Saranghae, I’m happy to fill you in because I love this company. It’s a Korean skincare company with products ranging from masks and mists to creams and toners. Their products are all high quality, and they really work. I’ve been using them for years, and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience.

Saranghae is also a vegan and cruelty-free company. In addition to that, its products are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, and all products use botanical ingredients to make us look our best instead of manmade substances.

This year, I’m gifting Saranghae’s Mask Bundle, Cleansing Bundle, and Spa at Home Bundle to all my friends and family. Each bundle makes an amazing Christmas gift, and each one perfectly matches the wants and needs of almost any beauty lover. That makes them the best beauty gift sets you can buy.

The Complete Mask Pack is all about pampering the face. This combo pack features Saranghae’s Exfoliating Matcha Mask, 6 Elemental Essence sheet masks, Pore Refining Charcoal Mask, and a 2-pack of Cloud 9 Cleaning Cloths. It’s the perfect gift set for the beauty skincare junkie in your life.

The Ultimate Cleansing Care bundle is the perfect introduction to the Saranghae Korean skincare line. It’s totally devoted to cleansing, the first and most important step to any skincare routine. This bundle comes with their Perfect Balance Toner, Exfoliating Matcha Mask, Nourishing and Moisturizing Oil to Foam Cleanser, and a Saranghae spa band. It’s a great gift for all skin types.

Finally, I’ll be gifting the DIY Spa Night bundle to all my mama friends. This bundle is all about creating the perfect spa experience at home. The products here will leave your giftees feeling relaxed and their skin feeling rejuvenated. It comes with their Celestial Rose Quartz Roller, Refreshing and Hydrating Bamboo Facial Mist, Exfoliating Matcha Maks, and Nourishing Radiance Beauty Elixer. It’s a bundle that really does make for the perfect spa treatment at home.

Saranghae has been at the top of my list of skincare products for a few years now, and with these new Limited Edition beauty gift sets, I can treat my friends and family to the same amazing experience that I’ve had. If you have some extra special people on your list, treat them to one of these Korean skincare bundles from Saranghae. They will certainly be glad you did!

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photography  by Lauren Kara


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14 thoughts on “Beauty Gift Sets from Saranghae”

  1. Wow. Everything you need in one gift set. My niece and my daughter would love to try this. They always make it a point to give their skin a good pampering!

  2. That’s a new brand to me, this line definitely looks like it’s worth checking into. I would love to try all their product, especially the Matcha Exfoliating Masque

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