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Back To Reality

We touched down on a JFK runway late Monday night, only to be greeted by a gloomy and rainy NYC, and the kids immediately looked up and said, “We want to go back to St. Barths!” Everyone was quiet and somber in the cab on the way to Battery Park, and after an hour in traffic, we finally arrived home, with our three large suitcases, a stroller, and what felt like 20 carry ons. After only 10 minutes inside, our apartment looked like it exploded, and I instantly switched gears from island time, to massive to-do lists, pending deadlines, and anxiety about the busy week ahead.

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The next morning was all too familiar. Gemma woke everyone up at 515am, so we reluctantly crawled from bed, to cook breakfast, and pack lunch, before we rushed the kids off to school. They were definitely excited to tell their teachers and friends all about our adventures. Once they were sorted, I quickly hopped a taxi to an early morning meeting, followed by a day of appointments and after school activities. Yep, vacation was officially over, and it was back to homework checking, laundry doing, grocery shopping, dinner prepping. By dinnertime, it was as if we had never left.

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Sure, I miss the island life, the plush scenery and glorious weather, but after our downtime, I found myself refreshed, grounded, and ready to tackle our hectic schedules, even on a rainy and cold day. The taxis, subways, and hustle was just the way we left it.

I will say, one of the highlights of my trip was Gemma’s rendition of “merci beaucoup,” articulating it as “messy coco” in her sweet, high pitched little voice. Plenty of fun stories and beautiful photos to share in posts coming next week!


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