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Back To Learning Fashion & Supply Guide

Normally during this time of year, we would be in full back to school madness! But 2020 is a year like no other, and the 2020/2021 school year will be one like no other. Whether your kids are going back to school on campus or learning from home they will still need new supplies and gear. We also know they are always out growing their clothes, shoes, and sometimes styles! Haha! I hope this guide can be useful in navigating these bizarre times and can help all our little students get excited about the coming school year!


1.Floral Mask  2. Heart Sunglasses  3. Floral Scrunchie  4. Watercolor Jumpsuit  5. Headband/Mask Set  6. Orange Floral Dress  7. Metallic Sneaker  8. Windbreaker 9. Smiley Hoodie  10. Floral Sneaker  11. Floral Shorts  12. Polka Dot Dress  13. Cherry Treggings 

1. Love Backpack  2. Gel Pens  3. Unicorn Wipe Pouch  4. Floral Lunchbox  5. Utensil Set  6. Mabels Labels  7. Hand Sanitizer Holder  8. Thermos  9. Tie Dye Pencil Case  10. File Folder Set  11. Matching School Set  12. Personalized Notebook


1.Smiley Mask  2. Fall Boots  3. Shark Bowl Tee  4. Aviator Nation Sweats  5. Camo Puffer Jacket  6. 6-Pack Sock Set  7. Tom & Teddy Polo  8. Stretch Pants  9. Swiggle Shorts  10. Sting Ray Tee  11. Nike Sneaker  12. Mask Set  13. Water Resistant Hoodie

1. Utensil Set  2. Personalized Folder  3. Hand Sanitizer Holder  4. Dino Lunch Box  5. Thermos  6. Mabels Labels  7. Vans Backpack  8. Scented Pens  9. Monster Wipe Pouch  10. Personalized Notebook  11. Camo Pencil Case  12. Bento Lunch Box   13. Weekly Planner Desk Pad

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28 thoughts on “Back To Learning Fashion & Supply Guide”

  1. Melanie williams

    Wow there are so many fab items here for sure…I love the look of that cute bento lunch box. Perfect to take with you when on the go x

  2. Please do a remote learning back to school setup! I’ve been scouring the web for days trying to get ideas and not one blogger has done it! It’s so needed right now. I have two kids (middle and high schoolers) who will be doing remote learning in a NYC apt. I need ideas for desk setup and must have supplies.

    I‘d really love to get your ideas!

  3. The unicorn wipe pouch was a fan favorite for my niece! Can’t wait to order some of these supplies for her.

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