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Borrow Baby Couture

Have a party to go to for your little one and need a fancy dress? If you are like me and sick of spending crazy money for a dress your daughter will only wear one time, not to mention grow out of in months to come, than check out Borrow Baby Couture. Borrow Baby Couture is an online company that carries high end, luxe designers and rents them to you for a fraction of the price. Here’s how it works, pick out the dress of your choice, sign in and borrow, rock the dress, and then return it with a pre paid box. It’s that simple. And I am sure you are thinking, how do they clean the dresses, well Borrow Baby Couture work with a high-quality, professional cleaning team to ensure you get your outfits in the same condition as when they leave the designer’s studio. They inspect each article of clothing before it is shipped to your child and use shipping boxes specifically designed to protect the outfits during transit.

Some of the designers include Stella McCartney, Fendi, John Galliano, A.Bird, and more. Coming this fall will be more fabulous designers Little Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Dior to name a few. Moms have the option to rent the dress for one or two week periods. I will definitely be using this service for Siella. Baby Borrow Couture is such a great concept as they recognize how us “moms” want stylish pieces but keep it within our budgets! Here are my top picks from B.B.C.


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