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Babies In NYC

This is a guest post by Julie Inzanti

The key to bringing up baby in a tiny apartment is to purchase multi-functional items or travel gear rather than furniture. Sure, who wouldn’t love a huge nursery with a real crib and a separate changing table and a closet just for baby clothes. But let’s get real…for space-starved New Yorkers adding a baby to the mix with all their stuff can quickly make a cramped space seem claustrophobic. (Especially when dad works from home and mom is taking time off from work—two adults and one growing baby in a 500-square-foot apartment sounds like a reality television show—or a ticking time bomb.)


Any experienced mom can tell you that the main piece of furniture a baby requires is something to sleep in. I am notoriously picky when it comes to furniture. I’d rather go without a couch for a year than buy one that isn’t perfect. Plus, the real estate in my apartment is precious. I need items that can easily fold away or collapse down so there is room to breath! A clunky crib and changing table would take over the space. I have discovered that the pack-and-play or play-yard is the urban solution to the crib. You can fold it up and squirrel it away for play dates or dinner parties.

IMG_9892 IMG_9908

Most of the playpens and travel beds I’ve experienced are incredibly heavy and require an advanced engineering degree for assembly. My husband and I joked that if we tried to construct the convertible playpen/co-sleeper before we got pregnant—we might have waited a few more years to start a family. Lucky for us (and baby), we found an amazing alternative to the precarious wine box basinet we imagined. The solution is the no-muss, no-fuss Nuna Sena travel cot! This genius sleeper is a cinch to assemble—literally one hand open, one hand close. (The hardest part was opening the cardboard shipping box!) And since there is a basinet attachment, we’re set from birth to age 3! AND! AND! There’s more! Nuna just added a changer attachment! No hunching over the dining room table or throwing a tarp over our bed! This changing pad can also be used alone when you store the sleeper.

IMG_9869 IMG_9856

Nuna is a Dutch company that specializes in smart design for kids gear. They create simply designed and functional products that make life easier for parents. They have an assortment of products that hit all the major activities for parents and kids: swaying, strolling, sleeping, eating and riding. We needed something for sleeping—and the Sena is out solution.

The Nuna Sena Travel Cot comes neatly packed in a zippered bag, which kind of looks like a gym bag. Assembly is exactly as shown on their promo video. Opening the Nuna Sena is simple, just push down and the sides spring out. Closing it is just as simple, you reach down, pull up and the sides spring closed. It is also surprisingly lightweight.


The basinet folds with the rest of the apparatus—you don’t have to remove it like with other brands. It can be quickly tucked away anywhere without creating clutter. Another great feature that totally sold me is the price ($199) especially when you consider the ease of use for home and travel.

Nuna also offers a mini version or babies up to 18 months, which would take up considerably less space, but my choice is the full size because I want a product that will replace a traditional crib and last beyond the newborn and infant stages. Plus the Nuna Sena full size has the changer attachment, which eliminates my need for a separate changing station.


If you’re looking for a crib alternative that is also a travel bed and also a changing table and also a space saver…Nuna Sena is the one for you.

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2 thoughts on “Babies In NYC”

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! Definitely helpful to try to keep everything small and compact, especially for individuals who lack space!


  2. Your baby is so cute! She seems to be very comfortable in her crib. I think the bassinests are the best thing, really, I’ve read a lot of good comments about it. Thanks for sharing one more tip!

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