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At Home with Tea Collection

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With shelter in place in full effect across the country, we are all mandated to stay indoors. This leaves parent tasked with keeping children as calm and comfortable as possible, in both body and mind. Everyone is faced with new and some heartbreaking challenges. In speaking with friends and family, it seems like this daily agenda, illness and loss included, is slowly becoming part of a new norm.

With days indoors turning into weeks and eventually months, I’ve been searching for ways to expand my kids’ horizons in education, creativity, and fashion. If I can ever educate through fashion then thats a win win, so I recently culled through my mental arsenal of kids’ clothing companies, and realized that Tea Collection does just that. In past posts, I’ve mentioned how their clothing helped expand my children’s view of the world, and now that my husband and I have become a home school teachers, we can reference some pieces from their wardrobe as part of their social studies curriculum.Tea Collection was born as a dream to inspire global connection and curiosity for children through fashion. They believe that all people have so much in common, regardless of where they’re from, or what language they speak; which to me is down right beautiful. This clothing company scours the globe for brilliant designs across different culture, to inspire their children’s clothing. In the end, this allows children to connect with these cultures in an easy, approachable way. This season, Tea Collection’s prints are inspired by Greece and Egypt.

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This philosophy is where the name Tea Collection originated. Everyone loves tea. People can connect, understand, and inspire one another over a simple cup of tea, and those are all the qualities that Tea Collection hopes to instill in the children who wear their clothing.In addition, Tea Collection gives back whenever and wherever possible. While traveling and sourcing ideas for their creativity, Tea seeks out ways to contribute to the local communities. They continue their year round partnership with the Global Fund for Children(GFC) by donating 10% of profits. GFC is currently working on emergency grants to mobilize efforts to fight COVID-19 and Tea Collection will continue to support their extraordinary efforts!

Tea Collection’s designs are an exciting, eclectic mix of colors and patterns from across the planet, Quality and durability are key components to their clothing philosophy, so their pieces are made to last. But let’s talk fashion sense. Their pieces are designed to be timeless, working from season to season, globally inspired, and elegant in their whimsy flare. They’re just precious.

Shortie Pajamas

These shortie pajamas on Siella showcase the timeless styles of Tea Collection. The super cute top and bottom feature a sweet rainbow design on a creamy background. With super soft comfy material and rainbows, its just what we need to add a splash of happiness to all the time stuck indoors.

Nightgown Collection

Featuring the same rainbow motif, Gemma is wearing the Tea Collection Nightgown. And you guys all know how much Gemma loves a nightgown! Check out the classic straight-line cut with gathered short sleeves and neckline.  It’s perfect for a chill night of slumber, or just lounging around the house all day.

Tank Pajamas

To mix it up, Siella and Gemma have also been living in these tank pajamas. The classic tank top features a wide folded edging around the neck and sleeves, with the same on the waistband of the pants. I love Siella’s adorable underwater motif of fish and seaweed print. As an alternative, they offer a charming butterfly print option that is bright and colorful with blue, yellow, pink, and red butterflies. Gemma loves it!We’re all at home, so we might as well make it a cozy experience. Using their pieces, I can offer Siella and Gemma the most comfortable day and nightwear possible while also introducing them to different fashion styles and ideas from around the globe.

Tea Collection brand’s mission is to educate children about the world around them, and they don’t want this curiosity to end, despite traveling recently coming to a halt.  With this, they’ve dug into their archives to share past activity books from some of our favorite destinations, from Scotland to the Himalayas.  Maybe these will serve as mini geography lessons to help keep kids in touch with friends around the world.
Gemma colored this one below…

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21 thoughts on “At Home with Tea Collection”

  1. The designs are beautiful and they look comfortable which is very important right now for all the time we are going to spend at home.

  2. The designs look beautiful and comfortable which is gret because kids need to be as comfy as possible all this time at home.

  3. These pyjamas are really cutie – they look super cosy and I love the rainbow. Love that they try to connect kids with different cultures. I don’t quite see the Greek or Moroccan inspiration, but I love the idea.

    Ashlee | ashleemoyo.com

  4. Those pajamas are really cute! They look comfortable and I love the prints. Your girls are so adorable and I love how they love to be photographed. Like professional models, I’d say.

  5. I love these looks and the designs are really cute. The good thing is that the kids can be at ease in their casuals while learning at home.

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