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Easter Does Not Have To Be Cancelled

We are living in strange times. All aspects of our lives are having to take some sort of shift. We recently celebrated Gemma’s birthday that didn’t necessarily look the way we had initially intended, but we made it work and you know what she said it was the best day ever! Easter is just around the corner and I wanted to find fun ways our family could still celebrate while being safe and healthy indoors. I hope these ideas help all your families have some holiday fun while quarantined.

Paint And Plant A Small Garden

This is a wonderful spring activity. Bring the outdoors inside with this fun art project. Learn a bit about the magic of spring through this special all inclusive kit. Children get to paint the the planter to encourage creativity, and then plant 3 different seeds to later watch them grow. A great project for both girls and boys and all ages.

Have An Easter Party 

Meri Meri is a leader in all things fun! From their great greeting cards, to hair accessories, to party essentials, and more. Meri Meri is currently having a wonderful Easter sale for all your Easter essentials for a holiday themed meal. Whether you need plates, cups, napkins, a banner, or even a piñata, they’re you’re one stop shop for all things Easter fun!

Egg Painting Craft Kit

Egg painting has long been an Easter tradition. This kit takes a fun new spin on a classic activity. These wooden eggs make for a ever lasting art piece that can be kept for Easters to come! Kit includes paint, glitter, glue, googly eyes ( A favorite in our house! Hehe!) and tons of little ways to decorate! Whether your child wants to make a fancy egg or a monster egg, their imaginations can do it all!

Easter Joke Book

We could all use a laugh right now! This Easter joke book is an excellent way to have some family holiday fun. The book has over 275 funny holiday themed jokes, challenging all your families to not laugh! Haha! This sounds like so much fun and I cant wait to read through it with my family!

Easter Egg Advent Calendar

Christmas gets an advent calendar, why not all holidays? This creative idea includes both an art project and daily fun all in one. What you fill them with is endless, a little sweet treat, a little gift, maybe a fun riddle, or a fortune like a fortune cookie! Anything is possible for this egg advent calendar.


Guess How Many!

This is a super easy and fun holiday  game to initiate with your family while staying home! Grab a jar and fill it with jellybeans, chocolate easter eggs, M&M’s, whatever is your families favorite Easter sweet treat! Have each family member guess the number the jar is filled with! Maybe your winning family member gets an Easter gift, or wears an Easter crown, or simply gets the jar of goodies! Hehe!

Easter Bingo

Who doesn’t love a bingo game? This is a classic game with a holiday twist. I great way to bring the family together for a family game night while celebrating the holiday. Bingo is also a wonderful game for all ages! It’s a great way to teach matching to younger children!


Shabby For Me Bracelets

Make your own gorgeous bracelets with these fun bespoke kits from Shabby For Me. These bracelets make for a wonderful family activity, great gifts, add so much flair to an Easter look, and more. My girls and I are big fans of all things Shabby For Me and we’re super excited to make some of her gorgeous bracelet ourselves as an Easter fun activity.

Personalized Stationary

Personalized stationary from The Corner Stone Studio make for the perfect Easter Basket addition.With all our children homeschooling right now, they need all the extra help they can get to staying organized and on schedule. Fun and personalized stationary gets them excited about keeping their schoolwork tidy. They also have tons of options for us parents and our organizational needs.

L.O.L Surprise Spring Bling Doll

My daughters love their L.O.L Surprise dolls! They’re quite the popular item in our household. So when I found this limited edition Easter doll, I knew it was something I had to add to their Easter baskets this year. The doll includes a spring-inspired look, bunny ears and a basket. Also available is the limited edition Spring Bling Pet!

Quarantine Knit Kits

I love the idea of my kids learning a fun new hobby while quarantined. These knit kits from Shit That I Knit is that perfect hobby. Ill definitely be adding these kits to their Easter baskets! Not only is knitting a great lesson in patience and focus, but there’s also a reward at the end, a brand new beanie, a scarf, or a blanket! I know my girls will be so proud of their completed projects.

Bake! We’ve been baking a ton the past few weeks and the kids are absolutely loving every minute of it! Last year, we made this fun Peep cake topped with coconut and jelly beans!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Easter! 

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12 thoughts on “Easter Does Not Have To Be Cancelled”

  1. I think the kids would love the Egg Painting Craft Kit! It’s good that they can do their own design and they can unleash their inner creativity. Very timely too for Easter Sunday next week.

  2. Thanks for leaving here so many useful tips to lay hold on especially at these previous and terrible times of anti-social living. Continue to stay safe as we survive these perilious season.👍👍

  3. Thanks for sharing! you are totally right we can still celebrate Easter at home and enjoy it with family

  4. i used to love painting easter eggs. that is so cool you found a painting kit! i am sure that’d be very popular with the kids. also if you haven’t already, you could make resurrection eggs you can use to tell the story of easter.

  5. It’s such a shame that Easter is going to be so tame this year, lovely post, I hope it gives some parents great ideas to keep their children entertained

  6. Lovely post. Absolutely agree with you. Easter doesn’t have to be canceled. We are planning to celebrate as always. We only gonna miss family and friends coming.

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