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Assisting In My Boys Grooming Defense

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Smelling good is as important as looking good. Heck, it’s more important, but try telling that to your husband or your son. Most of the time, they think slapping on whatever they can grab in the shower is enough to do it. I’m here to tell you (as any woman knows) it really isn’t. I mean, it gets them clean enough, but they don’t smell like the strapping man you went on that first date with or the young man your son is becoming. That’s why I make sure to be the leader in assists when it comes to smelling good.

Ryder loves playing basketball, as well. That means lots of sweat, so he needs something to keep him smelling as good as he looks in his clothes. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t walk around reeking, but they just don’t pay enough attention. So, it falls to me to ensure that they both have all the tools they need for smelling good on a daily basis.

It’s the perfect time to get my two guys everything they need to keep them looking good and smelling good. My two boys (one small and one large) don’t realize this, but I am THE REASON they smell amazing. So of course, I need to fill my cart with the tools they need to keep them smelling great. Since I already shop at BJ’s Wholesale all the time, it’s super convenient to grab a variety of my husband’s and son’s favorites while this deal is going on.

When you purchase 2 participating Unilever Men’s Personal Care Products at BJ’s Wholesale Club or on BJs.com in one transaction between 2/18/20-4/6/20, you get a $5 BJ’s Gift Card.! I like to mix and match their products and lines to get just the right combo. Choose from Dove Men+Care, AXE, Degree and more. Just purchase your products, upload an image of your receipt online so it can be validated, and enjoy your $5 BJ’s Gift Card.

Make smelling good something that the men never have to think twice about. Use these great Unilever products we all know and love to keep the guys in your house smelling like a million bucks. And right now, head over to BJ’s to make smelling good more affordable, too. Take advantage of their savings on mix and match Unilever Men’s Personal Care products, get a $5 BJ’s Gift Card.

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19 thoughts on “Assisting In My Boys Grooming Defense”

  1. Very cool! We don’t have a BJs here in Phoenix, but we have other similar stores. Always good to be prepared with good hygiene and grooming items.

  2. It’s important to look, smell, and feel good when you’re going to those big game parties. Everyone is going to be there, and you need to be proud of how you look and feel.

  3. I love it. Smelling great is one of the best ways to boost self-confidence, and you need that when you’re going into a group. March madness is FULL of big get-togethers.

  4. My husband loves those products that do more than one thing: body wash, shampoo plus whatever else he can get it to do. This way, he only has to take one bottle to hockey. Brilliant!

  5. Men’s grooming is vital and often times overlooked or should I say overshadowed by the beauty industry, as the industry itself is not only huge but extremely competitive. This blog post serves as reminder that it is vital to teach our children the importance of grooming and taking care of themselves. Great blog post.

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