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Modern Elegance in Lightcodes

Modern elegance is the focus of Lightcodes, a fashion brand that emphasises classic beauty with a modern twist that can be worn morning, noon, or night. Made in a way that is both environmentally and socially responsible, Lightcodes is a brand that focuses on ease of use, versatility, and classically inspired elegance. All of their clothes are made in limited run batches with locally sourced fabrics and materials, for looks that flatter no matter the time of day and are kind to the world in which they’re made.

That’s important to me as a person who believes in the power of doing good in the world. That’s why I love the company and its founder, Geneva Goldsmith so much. They’re focused on both fashion and mindfulness. Their take on fashion is to create pieces in a more conscious way and promote that same kind of mindful vibe and living in both their lines and in the lives of people who buy their products.

A company that is based in both modern elegance and spiritual energy. Lightcodes was inspired by its founders spiritual journey where she discovered lightcodes, the energy patterns and frequencies that everything in nature creates. To those spiritual and mindful ends, Lightcodes partnered with The Adventure Project to help empower women in East Africa with every purchase made. That means we can look good and do good all at the same time.

There are two words that best describe their line: modern elegance. Lightcodes takes the elegance of that past and brings it into the presence with a modern-day flair that’s suitable for any time of day and any occasion. Their looks feature flowing, draping designs with classic cuts that are modernized with fabric choice and how those cuts are employed. This combination makes for looks that immediately make one think of Audrey Hepburn if she were alive today.

Three of my favorites are the Moonstone Wrap Dress/Robe, the Sunstone Wide Leg Pant, and the Moonstone Jumpsuit. All three of these pieces fit and flatter like nothing else, and they all feature that elegant charm that fits perfectly into any event.

Modern elegance and mindful living are what Lightcodes is all about, and it shows in both their fashions and their approach to creating them. With bold looks that flatter morning, noon, and night and an ethical approach to their business that I love, Lightcodes has become one of my favorite fashion brands.

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4 thoughts on “Modern Elegance in Lightcodes”

  1. I’m in love with this company! I’ve never heard of them before, but I’ll be shopping with them a lot. Their clothes are beautiful, and I love that they’re socially conscious about it.

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