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An Aspiring Astronaut – American Girl Giveaway

One thing I strive to accomplish in my role of motherhood is to encourage the hopes and dreams of my kiddies. A while back, I asked them what they wanted to be when they get older, and Gemma said a mom, and to my surprise an astronaut! She could barely pronounce the word astronaut, which was the cutest thing ever. It’s not unusual for kids to long to be spaced explorers, but it was the first time I had ever heard her to ponder this idea. Her dream was sparked by a lesson plan from school. Knowing this, I was psyched to learn that the American Girl 2018 “Girl Of The Year” is an aspiring astronaut named, Luciana Vega.

American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega

Gemma literally went nuts when I introduced her to Luciana. She dug her cool galactic accessories, and absolutely loved the name Luciana, as it’s the same as one of her BFFs in school! She was so excited to tell her friend about the American Girl named after her too!

American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana VegaAmerican Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega

The 18″ Luciana doll has warm brown eyes, which open and close, straight dark-brown hair, with a bright purple streak (which is the coolest thing to Gemma). The little Luciana paperback book, compliments her signature outfit, a cosmic-print dress with attached vibrant red purse belt that she wears to Space Camp, a shiny holographic choker and special red star charm necklace she received as a baby, and a pair of silver lace-up boots.

American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega

And while Gemma loves the cool dress, she couldn’t wait to put on Luciana’s Flight Suit. This blue flight suit looks like the real thing, with a zippered front, authentic patches, and a pair of dark-blue shoes. Luciana also has a full Astronaut Space Suit, that I think I will surprise Gemma with for her birthday!

American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega

Luciana Vega is part of American Girl’s long line of inspiring characters that encourage girls to think about who they want to be and how they want to make their mark in the world—no matter the challenges they may face. In Luciana, girls will meet a creative, confident 11-year-old girl and aspiring astronaut who dreams of being the first person to go to Mars. And, while she has the skills and smarts to achieve her goals, she also learns that being a good leader and team player right here on Earth is the best first step.

American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega

Other STEM-inspired outfits, accessories, and products that reflect her Space Camp experience include Luciana’s Flight Suit and Space Suit, her Maker Station, and a Mars Habitat loaded with science and research essentials for hours of pretend play. To engage girls and boys with Luciana’s message, American Girl has partnered with Scholastic, NASA, and Space Camp—has funded Blast Off to Discovery, an educational program to help third though fifth-grade students explore the wonder of space through Luciana-inspired content, including STEM-based lesson plans and classroom activities, videos, a game, and more. The program will be available on www.scholastic.com starting January 31, 2018 and we can’t wait!

American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega

Super excited to give one SITC reader a chance to win the newest Girl Of The Year! Here’s to 2018! 

American Girl's Aspiring Astronaut Luciana Vega

Win 2018 American Girl Of The Year – Luciana Vega


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87 thoughts on “An Aspiring Astronaut – American Girl Giveaway”

  1. denise montgomery

    I have 2 granddaughters who love American Girl dolls. I personally love this one because I always thought it would be so cool to be an astronaut. My granddaughters are still young, but I hope that one day one of them would love to go into space. This is such a positive role model doll for a young person.

  2. My little girl got this for Christmas from the grandparents, and she was over the moon… no pun intended. Love that they are showing girls that they can truly reach for the stars.. still no pun intended. Great way of reflecting through their play that they can imagine what they want to be, and be what they want to be.

    Thrifting Diva

  3. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    My daughter loves American Girl dolls. She has a couple, and they have all been girl of the year. Saige and McKenna are her favorites. She totally wants to get Luciana because she is a lot a like her. (I think it’s the reason Saige and McKenna are her favorites)

  4. I’m entering right now! My oldest daughter will love this so much if she wins, thank you so much for the chance!

  5. Both my sister & I are in the field of science… my daughter loves to look at the stars… not sure what she will be, changes from doctor/nurse/police officer… no matter what, she will be in a role helping people. It’s amazing you can see that at such an early age! Love that American Girl is producing a doll active in STEM. So much hope for the future…

  6. My daughter loves to help people. She is always changing what she wants to be but in the middle of it is always the theme of helping people.

  7. MyChau Brikshavana

    Currently, both my daughters say they want to be just like me when they grow up (a mom and a Cancer Center pharmacist). I’m relishing them looking up to me. They also both want to be unicorns, so yeah…

  8. Right now my 4 year old wants to be a seal, haha. But she loves to build things and figure out how they work. She has a string line of engineers behind her, so I would not be shocked if she went that way. Definitely into STEM based learning.

  9. My daughter would love Luciana (she’s been over the moon about her since receiving the catalog in the mail). Also loves how this doll is so different from the other “Girl of the Year” dolls. My daughter has a big heart, and a dreamer, she wants to be everything – a singer, actress, teacher, and a business woman!

  10. Hi! I have a 6 year old daughter who would love an AG doll. I have always wanted one when I was younger and I would love for her to get one!

  11. I have always wanted to get my sister one of these dolls! I think she would love it so much. I think it’s great that they have a growing collection of stem-inspired outfits!

  12. This is the coolest american girl doll I have seen! I love that it is helping to inspire girls to get into traditionally ” non female” fields! What little kid doesn’t want to be an astronaut?

  13. Krystal Butherus

    What a cute and inspiring doll for young girls! I would recommend this to my friends, as I don’t have any girls.

  14. I had no idea my daughter was interested in American Girl until she put it on her Christmas list this year for Santa. Now that she has her first one and she really enjoys playing with her, I’m happy to buy more.

  15. I love that they offer different choices for the young girls who play this. The kids will be inspired to reach out for greater things when they’re older! And the outfit of the doll’s really adorable!

  16. My oldest daughter has a lot of dreams! She most recently said she’d love to be an author. We love the new Girl of the Year!

  17. Brocha Blumenberg

    My daughters are always talking and dreaming that one day they will finally own an american girl doll. To learn from and to play with

  18. I adored science as a child (still do!) and this doll would have been so awesome to have. I love that they are showing girls in field usually for men.

  19. Kristen Hochleutner

    This doll is amazing! I have two little guys, but I know my older one would absolutely be in love! He’s been asking for an AG doll since his older girlfriends all have them.

  20. My daughter would love Luciana!! We often talk about the solar system and we love visiting the planetarium in the city.

  21. My 3 year old son dreams of being a fireman! This doll is so perfect for us! Our last name is Vega and I’m due in June with a girl that we are naming Lucia. So funny that they came out with this doll right after we picked her name. At least we didn’t go for Luciana! 😉

  22. This is exactly what we want our daughter to play with! Toys that will inspire them and make them dream about their future! I think it’s really lovely that this one’s an astronaut!

  23. I would love to win Luciana for my 7yo daughter. We teach her that the possibilities are endless for her future. She currently wants to be a teacher.

  24. Shanna Uptergrove

    I have 3 girls! One wants to be a baker, another wants to work at NASA, and the other wants to do something like forensic science or investigative science!

  25. This doll is amazing! My daughter loves her American Girl doll, and has for so many years. Love that this one has such an awesome job!

  26. These dolls look so amazing! I love that they send a message t little girls that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. What better way that to show it with a doll! Also your daughter is so adorable!

  27. I absolutely love that the American Girls are always changing and that the company is always coming up with new ideas! The new dolls were amazing when I was your daughter’s age, and they clearly still are — what an amazing company & concept!!

  28. My granddaughter can’t decide — changes weekly. She wants to be an engineer, cheerleader, astronaut, movie star or football player.

  29. My Granddaughter loves astrology and robots, her dreams are to be in that type field. She attends a STEM school and is doing great. This school really inspires her to follow her dreams.

  30. I have a daughter who wants to be a Vet and a son who wants to be a Secret Service Agent (They have to have a Masters Degree)

  31. I’m actually excited for this doll. My daughter has been into space for the past couple of years and the opportunity to get her a space related items for her dolls is very exciting.

  32. Marielle Altenor

    I love the American Girl Dolls! They inspire young girls to dream big. The Luciana Vega doll is just perfect!

  33. My four year old aspires to be a Hairdresser/Doctor/Recording Studio worker, but her more immediate dream is to be a vegetarian!

  34. My little girl’s dream is to become a scientist. Sometimes a paleontologist, sometimes a biologist. She’d love her own Luciana!

  35. My daughter wants to be a pediatrician & my son does not have any specif ideas yet! Thank you for the chance to win!

  36. My daughter has just started to enjoy these dolls. We have books about strong women, like Jane Goodall so how great to have a doll!

  37. I would love to win this for my 8 year old cousin, Nathalie. She have been asking for one for a while now but they’re kind of pricey for us. She lives in NYC and would totally love this, plus I’d get to be cousin of the year haha ????

  38. Leigh Anne Borders

    I absolutely love this doll! As a mom and teacher, I love that she inspires young girls to think about Science and Technology. I have a special little girl in my life that would love this doll!

  39. Right now.. A trip to California is talked about a lot. We live in a rural area in Oregon and he wants to see a CITY! And California is full of fun cities.

  40. My daughter is a passionate American Girl doll fan. But this Girl of the Year is extra special because she is a founding member of The Mars Generation, an organization founded by Astronaut Abby (check her out on Twitter, she’s awesome). American Girl is introducing space travel to Mars to even more girls. I think that’s amazing.

  41. We just moved so my girl can only talk of seeing whales and the Titanic Museum. My daughter has never had an American Girl doll and it is one of her dreams.

  42. My oldest daughter wants to work with sea lions and ocean conservation. She is so committed to this and hasn’t changed her plans since before preschool! My youngest daughter is two years old and currently plans to be a unicorn when she grows up!

  43. My daughter loves all things science and space. She got a telescope for her last bday and reading about Sally ride now.

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