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Amazon Back to School Favorites

We’re approaching a new school year and that means the back to school deals are here! If you missed Amazon Prime Day, have no fear because the prime shipping is totally worth it for your school shopping. Whether you have college students, a high schooler, an elementary schooler or a preschooler, every student has school essentials. Now is a great time to get a head start on the school supply shopping! Finding a great deal is hard, but nothing beats actually getting items while they’re still in stock because you were ahead of the game. Get your supply list together and let’s get some shopping done for the school season before the end of the summer!


Firstly, I always like to get my kids their own planner for the first day of school. There is not a day that goes by where they don’t get homework. Therefore, having a place where they can organize all of their assignments and the timing of them is essential. It’s not one of the required school items, but it is a great way to keep homework assignments all together. Amazon basics is one of my top places to shop for all things for the school subjects. 12 month planners exist so you only need to purchase it once for the year, which is great. A few other honorable mentions for the planning category are sticky notes, flashcards and fun writing utensils.

Calculator, Highlighters, Paperclips, Label Maker, Floral Expanding Folder, Pack of Scissors, Composition Notebooks, Pink Planner, White Planner, Sticky Notes

School Supplies

Secondly, I get incredibly overwhelmed by the school lists each year. Items like a scientific calculator, a new book for summer reading, spiral-bound notebooks and washable markers in vibrant colors. It’s a lot of shopping for items they will not use for a long time, but it has to be done. Instead of running to Target at the last minute, I have my Amazon cart stocked full of everything on my kids’ lists.

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As my kids get older, we hand in our glue sticks for the best tablets or an Apple Macbook Air. A lot of their work is done on the computer, so I have one that all the kids can use after school to get their work done. This computer stays as a homework computer rather than for fun, so we can make sure all of their work is completed after school activities. I do miss the best school supplies like dry erase markers and crayons, though! The creativity the kids get from art is always really nice to see.

Magnetic Fridge Organizer, Fridge Containers, Magnetic Calendar, Hand Sanitizer Pack, Closet Organizer, Breakfast Jars, Stain Remover, LifeStraw 18 Cup Water Filter, Laminator, Stasher Bags


Moreover, home organization is critical to keeping the sanity! So reorganizing my kitchen and fridge gives me a lot of satisfaction. The LifeStraw 18 Cup Water Filter is great because it’s BPA free and filters the water better than the average water filter! It stays full for awhile because it’s so large and is incredibly easy to clean and replace the filter every few months. This one reduces mercury, lead and harsh chemicals while retaining essential minerals we all need. If you’re looking for a new water purifier, you have to try this one!


Finally, I would count gear as anything from backpacks to pencil pouches to water bottles. If your kids have after school activities, especially sports, a reusable water bottle needs to be at the top of your list to keep them hydrated. Furthermore, a tip I have is to get a matching lunchbox for the backpack so that they not only go together, but are a BOGO deal! Throw in a pencil pouch and you are all set!

Netted Pencil Pouch, Multi Pocked Pencil Pouch, Fjallraven Backpack, Sparkle Backpack, Lunchbox, Tie Dye Backpack, Bento Box, Desk Lamp, Owala Water Bottle, Amazon Fire Tablet

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