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Bringing Coastal Fashion to Fall

Coastal style is all the rage these days. It’s sort of a comforting look with pieces that are mostly staple in your wardrobe. It brings natural elements to a beachy look that is totally wearable. It’s as if we live at a beach house year round to pull off the coastal look. I would describe it as a fairly neutral color palette with light blue thrown in there. Something about it makes me want to curl up with a good book and read- in style of course. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to take these coastal elements and bring them to the fall season for fall fashion. I think I’ve found some amazing items to have in your closet to pull off the coastal grandmother trend year round.

What the Coastal Trend is

Firstly, if you haven’t heard about this yet, it started out as a fashion trend called coastal grandmother style about a year ago. Don’t be afraid of the term grandma when it comes to fashion because in this case, it really just means the pieces are more comfortable with a coastal vibe. Everything is neutral tones and reminds you of a coastal home ebbed with some blues to represent the beach.

A lot of people actually have cozy interiors with this design style, so it applies to more than just fashion. I think it’s really cool that interior design and fashion can go hand in hand here. Moreover, the focal points are comfort, light neutrals and really anything that reminds you of the beach or summer in general, just without all the bright colors. The coastal grandmother look is classic and here to stay for awhile, so get comfy and let yourself melt into this modern coastal feel.

Core Items

Secondly, I’m sure you’re wondering where on earth we begin with all of this. It’s actually easier to put together a look in this category than you think. If you have a button-down shirt in white or blue, you can totally start there and pair it with a loose fitting pair of jeans. Think airy colors and natural materials. I’ve pulled a bunch of chunky, cozy knits and light colored neutral accessories. It’s not items you’d wear to the beach, but more of classic pieces you’d wear in a beach town to lunch. I’d stay away from warm tones and go for cool tones here. that’s the coastal grandma vibe anyway, but cool tones are a great way to lead into the cooler months. This is where we leave the linen pants behind and go for the same neutral colors but in heavier fabrics.


How to Transition the Trend Into a New Season

Finally, I know there are unspoken fashion rules, but I think we are at a point where we can throw those to the wind. I do wear white after labor day and especially cream. If you are going from white linen pants into fall, try a cream or beige trouser or jean to begin the cold weather transition. Moreover, we can ditch t-shirts and tanks for chunky knits in the same pale blue tone and it totally works because of the fabric.

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Firstly, everyone needs a good chunky kit for the cooler months. This one fits perfectly in the coastal grandma category and pairs well with everything!
Secondly, I love to accessorize! This pearl necklace felt very on trend here and it looks great dressed up.
Thirdly, my girls and I love headbands! It might be one of our favorite accessories. This one is incredibly versatile and so classy.
We need some LoveShackFancy in here somewhere! When I saw this skirt I immediately thought it was a perfect piece for the coastal grandma style and even looks great paired with the sweater over the shoulder.
Bucket bags are great because they hold so much. I thought this one was so fun and it is the perfect shade of blue!
I like to have a dress option that feels in between for seasons and can work half the year. The tone of this is perfectly neutral and I love the texture.
Cropped sweaters are great for pairing with dresses or high waisted pants. I love the knit on this one and it will work all winter, as well.
How cozy do these look?! They’re made by Sorel, so they have a great bottom to walk around the city in while keeping that beachy comfy vibe.
Hair clips are pretty popular these days, particularly claw clips. The pearl addition on this one is screaming coastal vibes!
Levi’s are some of the most well made jeans around. Wide leg jeans are incredibly on trend and these are so flattering.
I thought this bodysuit was super cool! It looks great with a bandeau underneath or even a tank on top.
Moreover, I love this designer and knew I had to snag these boots for the fall. They look great paired with a skirt or dress.
Furthermore, nothing is more coastal grandma in the best way, than this jacket! I love quilted jackets for fall and this one is absolute perfection! You can even get the matching shorts.
Finally, I like to have fun sneakers in my wardrobe that are comfortable to walk around the city in. These are super cute and add a pop of shine and texture to any look.

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