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A place for everything

Now that Ryder is into “guys” as I like to say….you know the super heros, or perhaps the scooby doo characters, transformers, or even the toy story dudes. Well yeah, they are all over the apartment and if I dare put them into our big toy chest Ry freaks the second he can’t find one of them because they get lost in the larger toys. I need some type of storage just for the “little guys”. I found  these hand made woven baskets that I may have to order. They are great as I love pieces you can use as toy storage but not really look like its for toy storage. Although I’m loving this pink colorway, I may have to opt for the beige/white, and save these for when Siella will have her own room.


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2 thoughts on “A place for everything”

  1. Honestly, come to the UWS, approx 80 and B’way, there’s a lady out there almost every day selling the exact same thing!

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