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A Fashionable Stroll

In New York City, our lives are dependent on strollers. They are everything for us mamas, getting our young ones to and from, and have even come to represent our personal style. When I first became pregnant with Ryder, I was clueless when it came to brands, but knew I just had to have a Bugaboo as my stroller. For me, Bugaboo was the coolest and most fashionable brand back then, and still holds true today. I received my Cameleon stroller as a gift from my mother, before Ryder was born. And three years later when Siella was born, Bugaboo did a collaboration with Missoni, I think I may have been one of the first people to order that super stylish and colorful canopy. I loved my Missoni canopy so much and still have it, as it’s a timeless classic piece in my mind, and I plan to use it again, when rotating out my strollers. My Bugaboo Cameleon came everywhere, and now seven years later, I’m pretty fascinated how much the company has evolved. In addition to the Missoni collab, Bugaboo has offered other special additions including Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, Diesel, and Paul Frank. Their strollers exude fashion, style, and high quality.




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Bugaboo now has recently joined forces with Brixy. Brixy shops are carefully selected specialty stores throughout the US and Canada, and terrific resources for parents to find the products that that suit their family, without feeling overwhelmed. All of their speciality shops (Albee Baby and Babesta, to name a few) make it easy to navigate all of the products out there, by educating parents, and carrying only the most trusted brands on the market. For all Brixy stores, Bugaboo has created an exclusive Shiny Chevron fabric collection for all strollers styles, which can change the style and refresh the look of your original Bugaboo frame. The new, limited-edition; Intense Black: Bugaboo Shiny Chevron Collection combines matte and shiny black in a chic zig-zag design, perfect for the fashion forward consumer and the minimalist black on black design makes a simple, yet bold statement. The collection is available for all their strollers including, Bugaboo Cameleon³, Bugaboo Bee³, Bugaboo Donkey and the Bugaboo Bufallo. I love these limited edition collaborations, because it really gives you a chance to customize and individualize your stroller, receding the chances of someone else walking by with the same combination.

IMG_7007 IMG_7002

The girls and I had the chance to test the new Chevron Fabric on a Bugaboo Bee. This was the first time using the Bee, and I loved it. It was super lightweight, and so easy to fold, that I felt like I almost was toting around an umbrella stroller. Siella was even able to push around Gemma all over town. What I love so much about this stroller is it’s unique seat grows with your child, extending, reversing and reclining in just a few clicks. It’s one-piece fold with seat makes it easy to collapse, carry and store in the tightest of spaces (perfect for NYC apartments).

IMG_7166IMG_7124 2

IMG_7119 2Tapping into my inner fashion self, I thought for this photo shoot, we needed to shed our summer gear, and try some new fall duds, as the stroller paired so perfectly with our warmer darker tones. The print goes with everything, of course, but there was something about getting dressed up for the sleek new print! It’s really exciting as mom to see this brand continue to expand through all these years, while remaining unique and fashionable.


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  1. we are past that point over here – – but as with so many of your posts you make me miss those days. And you prompt me to purchase some of these things as gifts for my friends who are still in that stage 🙂

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