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Sunday Styles: Skylar Luna

Summer is officially coming to an end on Wednesday. The weather is changing, and today, we actually had to wear sweaters over our clothes on the way to school. One thing I know won’t change come the cooler months, is my kids love for their Skylar Luna short pajamas. These combos short sets are comfy and perfect for all year round.
Skylar Luna Skylar Luna

Skylar Luna pajamas are a modern mix of California inspired style, with feel good fabrics. Skylar Luna’s streamlined style replaces the usual mass market of  busy, all-over prints and characters, with imaginatively simple designs and yarn-dyed 100% organic cotton in a sophisticated palette. The close-fitting two-piece silhouettes combined with the flat interior seams leave my little ones free to move around when up and about, while keeping them cozy and comfy, at bedtime.

Skylar Luna Skylar Luna Skylar Luna
Our family is truly committed to the Skylar Luna brand, and we are always excited to see what new prints they will design next. I did get a sneak peak of their holiday collection, while attending the ENK show this season, and I can you tell you the new prints include snowmen and candy stripes and are just darling.

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