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Women Owned Brands You Should Know

March is Women’s History Month, so let me start by saying Happy Women’s Month to all of you female-identifying ladies! We deserve to be celebrated

Fashion Forward for all Women

As the weather is slowly getting warmer out, I cannot help but get so excited for dresses! I love wearing dresses so much, and felt

Womens Shoe Edit

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that sneakers are my go to footwear choice for spring. Running from appointment to appointment, meeting to meeting, school

Women’s Gear For Ski Season

It’s almost winter! Do you know what that means? It’s time to get all of your ski gear ready to go for the season! I

Spring Masks For Mom’s & Women

One year has passed since Covid-19 first landed in the U.S.  One of the initial ways we were told could help slow the spread of

Join Her Tribe

Most people know Heifer International for their animal gifting program, but they also do critical, impactful work to support and empower women. They believe that

Girl Power!

Who run the world? GIRLS! That’s what I hear in my head every time I look at my daughters and think about the power and

Sunday Styles: Sudara

I recently discovered Sudara Punjammies, a brand that is not only making fashionable gear for you and your kiddies, but they are making the world a

Not One Type

This post was sponsored by Genentech Last week, SITC attended the launch of a super special campaign called “Not One Type,” with partners Genentech, ThirdLove,

Free To Be Me

I have always considered myself an empowered and strong woman. But talking about super personal female issues can feel a little taboo and even though

Favorite Reads For Mamas!

Brave Love In Brave Love, Lisa Leonard, founder of Lisa Leonard Designs, takes you through her journey of motherhood, marriage, business, and more. Learn about