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Girl Power!

Who run the world? GIRLS! That’s what I hear in my head every time I look at my daughters and think about the power and strength of women and girls all across this planet. I have been opinionated and have voiced my frustrations with our current administration and overall political climate—sometimes straining relationships. We can put that all aside and close our eyes to the world but we can’t deny the honest truth: Women and girls deserve equality across the board. We deserve autonomy, independence, freedom, control over our bodies and our lives. The future is FEMALE and I am proud to shout it anywhere and anyway I can.

I never really thought of myself as a feminist but I have run my own businesses, put myself through college, built a successful blog with the support of other mothers and women, I guess you can say am a feminist. I believe in the power of women, and I’m super lucky that all of my careers have been surrounded by powerful women. Last year I took Siella with me to the Women’s March in NYC. We marched to protest the current president but even more than that, we marched to be part of a movement fighting for social change and women’s rights. We marched again this year as a whole family because we truly believe that women and girls are worth fighting for!

I used to stay neutral and quiet when it came to political issues or social issues but now that I am a mom I just can’t stay quiet. I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a #girlboss and I am a feminist—and I am raising all three of my children to be feminists, too. It isn’t about party affiliation or religious beliefs or political opinions—it is about what is right and good and we should be shouting it from the rooftops…or in my case wearing it around my neck like a badge of honor.

I recently started wearing a pretty cool Feminist Bar Necklace from Elements Studio that I absolutely love. It is simple and understated but says so much. The bar necklace comes in several versions in 10K or 14K gold with or without a diamond. I love the modern bar style necklace to layer with plain styles and I am a huge fan of the diamond detail. I might need to pick up a few gifts for the strong females in my life!

Elements Studio NYC has a beautiful collection of high end fine jewelry. Their designs speak to all women; CEO’S, trend setters, yogis, goddesses, mothers, grandmothers, young ladies, teens, tweens and little girls. From bracelets to necklaces, to earrings to rings, I promise you will be swooning over their entire collection!

Luckily, Elements Studio has also offered to give Stroller in the City readers 15% off with promo code STROLLERINTHECITY15.

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