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10 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness

It’s about that time where people start to make New Year’s Resolutions. Personally, I don’t like holding myself to something so strong. I’d rather set a vibe for the year or a very attainable goal, as to not let myself down. But after the crazy holiday season, we sometimes begin to settle back into our old patterns and habitual routine. Luckily, there a places that can help you maintain focus of those resolutions, the self-care one’s that is. Self-care is so important as it helps you achieve your other goals, be your best self, and in turn, being there for your loved ones! This is something I am extremely focused on this year. I’ve made a list of the places that help me re-center, re-focus, and get back on track with those self care goals here in New York City!
8 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness | Stroller In The City

1. Wthn 

Wthn is designed to help you prevent sickness, strengthen and heal, and glow via acupuncture. Acupuncture dates far back as a healing process and at Wthn, they mix this ancient practice with a modern and personalized approach to best fit your needs! There are always new ways to feel better! Don’t be intimidated by the needles.
Where: 20 W 22nd St
8 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness | Stroller In The City


be LYMBR is a place to go to get a personalized stretch! Lymbr has stretch therapists that stretch you out for a 30 or 60 minute session. You can choose from stretching to relax your body and mind, stretching to perform if you are often training in the gym, or to recover from working out or just life in general! I honestly prefer this to seeing a massage therapist for my overall health and wellbeing. While a lot of these things are tending to your physical environment, mental health support is just as important to maintain healthy behaviors and that starts with getting your body out of any chronic pain.
Where: 11 Jay Street Unit 1
8 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness | Stroller In The City

3. Quick Cryo 

QuickCryo is an intensive therapy that helps you burn calories and lose weight! With options of whole body cryo, quicklime cryosculpting, IV drips, oxygen sessions and more, QuickCryo aids in weight loss, sculpting the body to your liking, and relaxing your body by providing it with IVs of nutrients, electrolytes, and vitamins! I’m a huge fan!
Where: 271 Church St
8 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness | Stroller In The City

4. Perry Street Reflexology

Perry Street Reflexology is a quiet space to relax and let go of all your worries and stresses! Using the practice of reflexology, Perry Street uses a specific form of pressurized touch on the feet to promote energy flow throughout the rest of your body! It’s the perfect place to experience release and renewal!
Where: 77 Perry St
8 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness | Stroller In The City

5. Salthaus

Salthaus is a modern salt room that provides halo therapy aiding in the reduction of stress and anxiety, and boosts immunity and athletic recovery! Using Halotherapy, Salthaus uses natural salt caves to circulate dry, salty air which reached the deepest part of the lungs, absorbing bacteria, pollutants, and aid in anti-inflammatory effect.
Where: 1220 Lexington Ave
8 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness | Stroller In The City

6. Face Gym

Face Gym is a place to work your face out! Not a facial, but a place that uses intensive workouts to work the 40 forgotten muscles of the face! A trained specialist works out your face muscles, with the option to add IV, Cryo, or Radio Frequency!
Where: 670 Broadway (at Bond)

7. Studio med

Studio Med is a concierge medical service to New York residents and also specializes in IV Therapy! Not only do they come around to provide IV Therapy, but they also perform medical service to New York residents, which is perfect when getting to the doctor will either take a long time, is too difficult to travel too, or if you have little ones! It’s one of the best health services in town!
Where: New York

8. The Well 

The Well provides acupuncture and mediation within its beautiful Union Square location. While  The Well functions mostly on a membership basis, day passes are available when wanting to initially discover their services. The location has a gorgeous front entry boutique and also has a full restaurant to enjoy a meal before or after your desired service. Their wellness programs are unmatched and have some of the very best health benefits and upcoming events!

9. Ever Body

Ever Body offers medically tested cosmetic treatments for natural looking results. Their services include injectables, high tech facials, and non-surgical body treatments like Emsculpt body conturing and laser hair removal. Ever Body is founded on a curated collection of service’s to make you look and feel your best natural self. Their staff is very information and makes the whole process seamless. New Yorkers, you have to check this place out!

10. HeyDay

Heyday is one of my personal favorite spa’s  for a no frills facial while receiving excellent care. This spot provides very specific facials for your skins very specific needs. All the facials are customized just for you through guided product recommendations and expert advice. With 7 NYC locations this is a must visit for your next facial and skincare treatment. Quality care for your skin is something you should not have to give up. Quality over quantity, I always say!

This article was originally published February 2019*

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13 thoughts on “10 Places To Visit in NYC To Improve Health & Wellness”

  1. Oh my gosh, the idea of being stretched out by a pro sounds amazing! I am pretty sure I don’t stretch out right or enough after working out, so I’d love a session there!

  2. You live in a city I want to visit badly! I’m not far though, in Toronto! 😉
    I love all of these suggestions. I’d love to do the spa and the facial gym. As an esthetician, it’s true about working those muscles in our face.

  3. I have to say that I don’t typically think of going to these type of places when I visit NYC. I’m usually looking for the best places to eat! But I have to say these all places look like they would be wonderful places to relax.

  4. The first photo on your post looks like cupping to me, but you didn’t say anything about cupping. Does WTHN do cupping as well as acupuncture? If so, I may head by there the next time I’m in NYC.

  5. Never heard of a face gym before. Seems like an interesting concept! Interested in learning more about places like this now

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