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The Sweetest Kids Valentine’s Day Pajamas

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! One thing I like to do each year is get new pajama sets for my kids on special occasions such as holidays. They make for a great early Valentine’s gift and the whole family loves it! Holiday pajamas are so nostalgic and give the kids something fun to look forward to. On the day of love, we like to get the kids Valentines pajamas and make special treats. Who doesn’t love a good pajama party?! Here are a few of our favorites to shop from this year!


When it comes to a pair of jammies for the holiday, the most common shades are pink and red. They are the iconic Valentine’s Day colors, but not every pajama set needs to be those shades. You can opt for more neutral tones like white, navy or tan! There are a ton of neutral pajamas with red hearts or other Valentine’s Day themed patterns. A little XO is really cute too! I love seeing all of the different colors the pajama companies make each year for the season of love.


My kids are growing up and they are not little one’s anymore! The big kids tend to opt for sets over nightgowns now, which is a little bit sad but it’s still fun! There are a plethora of options out there these days, so it makes it easier to shop for everyone! No matter what you’re looking for, there is always something for everyone to enjoy! A few go-to places for the perfect sets are Old Navy, Maisonette, Carter’s, Little Sleepies, Hanna Andersson and Kohls! Organic cotton is a common fabric I tend to get because not only is it comfortable, but it will wash well.


When it comes to shopping for the special gift of family pajamas, I’ve found that there are way more options for little ones than the older kids! Our kids grow so quickly, so I normally like to size up 1 size for extra comfort and room for growth this winter. We’re the type of family to sport these pajamas all season long, rather than just in the month of February, so leaving room for my kids to grow into them is something I see as important! Especially if you have a baby or toddler, they grow so quickly! Organic cotton will shrink a little, so keep that in mind, as well!

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I love any excuse to match my kids! This set has a mommy and me matching option and they are so comfy.
I love the mixture of red and grey on these! They are incredibly comfortable and so adorable.
You already know I’m a huge fan of Carter’s pajamas! If you have a toddler or little one, these are a great pair!
These are great because they go all the way up to a size 14, so your tweens can wear them! I think they are so cute and comfy!
If you’re looking for a pair that is not the traditonal Valentine’s Day colors, I suggest these! They are so soft and truly some of the best!
Everyone loves a little bit of rainbow! Not only are these super cute, but a portion of the proceeds go to the Trevor Project!
How adorable are these?! My girls are obsessed with them! And they are incredibly soft.
Not only are these more neutral, but they are under $8! The best part is that they are on Amazon Prime!
My girls have always loved nightgowns! This one is so sweet and has a heart pattern.
These are another great staple pair! They’re also neutral enough to be worn all winter long!
These have more of a satin feel, which is so nice to sleep in! I love a good button up set.
These are organic cotton and I love the shades of the hearts! They go up to a size 8.
Another amazing neutral option! This brand is one of the very best and everything they make is incredibly comfortable!
Finally, if you’re into more of a neutral tone, these are for you! They are available in grey and red, too!

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32 thoughts on “The Sweetest Kids Valentine’s Day Pajamas”

  1. This is so much fun! Holiday PJs are such a fun way to make the holiday extra special. Growing up I always looked forward to holiday PJs – and glad to see the trend is still going!

  2. I love these pajamas. We have two sons, and they will like colorful hearts! But it is really hard to convince my husband put family look outfit. He is very independent.

  3. we are already halfway through Jan 2023 omg… yes Valentines day will be there before we know. The ones you have shared are cute and perfect for V-day. Will check them out.

  4. Awesome! These are amazing and cute pajamas design. Kids will definitely love these and it’s so perfect for this Valentine’s day! Loved it all!

  5. What a lovely idea. I’ve never thought about getting Valentine’s PJ’s before. I must look to see what’s available that the kids would like.

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