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8 New Children’s Books

We all know how much our kids read during the school year, but its just as important to keep up with their reading in this summer. There are so many new children’s books being released this month and I wanted to share all my new finds.

Happy summer reading!

Written for children with dyslexia, this story follows Anna who has a monkey following her everywhere, even to school! Anna has to learn how to use the monkeys help and benefits though sometimes troublesome.
This sweet book tells the story of Danny and his weekend at Grandpa’s. Grandpa begins to explain the story behind his painting of “The Big Five” .

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Prunella wakes up on her birthday and declares she’s a big girl now. Written specifically to help your children wind down before bed.
The tale of a little boy determined to have a pet elephant. Though maybe finding and catching an elephant isn’t so simple!
This amazing series of sing along books include “Count With Me” with nursery rhymes, “Bedtime” with Mozart and other greats, and many more. The ultimate collection for any little one discovering music and their voice.
With back to school fast approaching next month, this sweet story of a confident little boys first day of Kindergarten will help your children find their confidence in their own very new classrooms.
A New York Times #1 Bestseller, this story reminds every child that sometimes feeling different isn’t so different after all. This story reminds all our children to go forth bravely and accept everyone for how unique we all are.
A great addition for any family expecting a new addition! Toby has welcomed a new sister but being a big brother isn’t so easy, though he’s learning.

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15 thoughts on “8 New Children’s Books”

  1. These all seem to be exciting and packed with adventurous stuff. I am 100% the kids are going to love this. Certainly page turners.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Great book selection for kids! I will have to get some of the books from this list for my grandchildren. I know they’d love it!

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