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Tom’s Of Maine – What’s Inside Matters

This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting SITC.

This is a sponsored post. Products and compensation were provided to me by Tom’s of Maine, but my opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting SITC.

I am kind of a fanatic when it comes to my teeth. I never miss a cleaning and I probably would go every month if I had the time. So naturally I am strict with the rest of my family, too. As soon as each child was old enough, we were already making regular dental appointments for them. We all go three times a year for routine check ups and cleanings. It’s so important to set the foundation now for my children and to get in a good routine to maintain healthy teeth while they are still young. We have been fans of Tom’s of Maine products for quite sometime now.

I strive to use natural and safe products for my family from the food we eat to the products we use in our home and on our bodies. Tom’s of Maine is one of those brands that checks all the boxes for me. They were the ones to first introduce natural toothpaste on the U.S. market in 1975 and to this day is a leading natural products company with everything from deodorant to toothpaste and dental floss. They are transparent about the ingredients they use, which is essential for parents when we select products for our families.

Siella has many of her permanent teeth so it is important that we care for them meticulously. And now that Ryder has braces, tooth care is even more of a focus for him. For Gemma, she may not have lost any baby teeth yet, but getting her in the habit of caring for her teeth is crucial. There is a misconception that little kids can skip brushing because their baby teeth aren’t permanent but creating good oral care habits is important. If they start taking care of their teeth young by brushing regularly and visiting the dentist, they are more likely to continue caring for their teeth into adulthood.

Oral care can be a challenge for kids but I try to make it fun for them with songs or turning it into a group activity by getting everyone in the bathroom together. Getting Gemma to stay put for a whole two minutes can be a challenge so we use a tooth brushing app or this video from Tom’s to make sure she brushes long enough. The Tom’s of Maine toothpaste flavors are pretty amazing for kids and they love using them so teeth brushing time is easy.

For Gemma, since she is still working on the really cleaning brushing your teeth part of tooth brushing. She likes to do it herself, but clearly still needs my guidance and a little let mom do it too. Her favorite toothpaste is the Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry, which is the only ADA-Accepted natural kids toothpaste. There are no artificial dyes or sweeteners and it is available with or without fluoride. Gemma follows her brushing with the Juicy Mint Children’s Anticavity Fluoride Rinse. The rinse gives her strong cavity protection through naturally sourced fluoride—the first natural fluoride to earn the ADA Seal.

Siella is not a big fan of minty toothpaste so her favorite is the Fruitilicous Children’s Gel toothpaste with fluoride. Ryder is a bit older and he has always been a fan of minty fresh flavors, so he uses the Mild Mint Wicked Cool flavor with fluoride (good for kids ages 8+). The Wicked Cool toothpaste minty flavor comes from peppermint oil with a hint of menthol for a cooling feeling. It is available in fluoride and fluoride-free versions and has no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

I think it’s funny that each one of my kiddies uses their own toothpaste, and believe me it definitely makes traveling with four different toothpastes a challenge, but if this is what gets them to enjoy brushing I am all for it! Tom’s of Maine is available just about everywhere, too and perfect for us adults as well! Would love to hear some of your oral care routines you’ve instilled in your home! 

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15 thoughts on “Tom’s Of Maine – What’s Inside Matters”

  1. Tom’s of Maine is my favorite product line. I’m trying to go as green and natural as possible, and Tom’s helps me do that I love their stuff.

  2. Reesa Lewandowski

    My kids use Tom’s of Maine because it does not have any dyes. My daughter is allergic to dyes and I couldn’t believe how many kids’ toothpastes had them!

  3. I love Tom’s of Maine too! They have the BEST products all the way around!! Never a complaint with their oral care and HBC.

  4. I have been exclusively using Tom’s of Maine toothpaste for years now and absolutely love it. In fact, many other brands now have a chemical like aftertaste to me.

  5. We think Tom’s of Maine is wicked cool! My son love the strawberry toothpaste and that’s all he will use.

  6. I need to try more Tom’s of Maine products. I’ve only ever tried one, and need to give the rest a go! Sounds like a great brand!

  7. We all use Tom’s deodorant, will have to try their other products. Looks like they have some great flavors of toothpaste.

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I made my kids use Tom’s of Maine when they were young and now that they are grown, they still prefer using it. I love the all natural ingredients in their toothpaste!

  9. I am more conscious about the products I buy and I want them to be more holistic and eco-friendly. I have a few Tom’s of Maine products myself and I love this collection for kids!

  10. It’s really important to pick the right products for our family. I’ve always liked toms of maine because they have the safest products that you and your kids can use.

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