Sunday Styles: Parajumpers

I can’t remember the last time we had a winter with such extreme temperatures. For weeks on end, the mercury has barely risen above the freezing mark, with plenty of days in single digits. Climate change is real my friends, but that’s a whole other story. With this constant bitter cold, finding proper coats for the kids is definitely a must.

Heading way uptown, Ryder has the longest commute of the three kids, and his school is over three avenues from the train station. While we tend to drive most mornings, the afternoon trip home can be brutal. When exposed to the extreme cold weather, Ryder breaks out in an itchy rash over most of his body, that subsides once he’s warmed up. With this, keeping him warm is super important.

He’s super psyched about his new Parajumpers jacket. This style called, Masterpiece, is down-filled nylon with a detachable fur trim around the hood, and comes in an array of colors. The shell fabric has undergone a special treatment that protects it from dirt and rain and has an inner lamination. He digs the multiple pockets which include a cargo pocket containing a mesh pocket, and two hand warmer pockets in front, as well as an inner zippered pocket, which are great for storing his gloves, lip bam and little keep sakes.

Parajumpers also makes stylish coats for adults, and Jason is already picking one for himself for next year!

No spring for a few more months but until then, at least I know he is bundled up during these extreme temps!


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