Style File: Pink Elephant Organics

Opting for organic and sustainable fabrics, food, products, or anything pertaining to my children is always at the top of my list, but I’ve found that as my children have gotten older, it’s really hard to find organic clothing options. Following some research, I found Pink Elephant Organics!

Their entire site is dedicated to babies and girls, up to size 6, all made of the fabrics meeting the absolute highest standards of organic chemical-free cotton, safe from scary toxins. Each piece is crafted paying the utmost attention to quality. Not to mention, it’s so, so cute.

Siella and Gemma are wearing the Tassel Sleeve dress, my fav. I love the deep pop of fuchsia, and the blue and white stripes! And it can be worn somewhere super dressy, or dressed down for a day at the playground.

Check out Pink Elephant Organics for back to school, especially if you are looking for unique and sustainable styles!

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