Gemma Turns Four

I know I say this every year around the time of my children’s birthdays, but I can’t help but feel a little sad that they are getting older. For them, getting bigger and older is super exciting, but for me, I tend to look backwards, missing the baby stage that rocketed by. Over the weekend, Gemma turned four, and I probably shed a tear or two just talking about it. After all, she is the baby in our family, and likely our last. Now another year older, she’s no longer a baby.

Since New Years, she’s been talking about her birthday and party, so the pressure was on to make it special. After some digging around for venues, we picked Downtown Dance Factory, where she takes hip class weekly. Siella had her third birthday there with a ballerina theme, but for our spunky Gemma, it was hip hop all the way! And what better accents than the trendy rainbow and unicorn motif that seems to be popping up every where I turn. I mean have you seen the rainbow toast and rainbow bagel trend!

If you are a parent, you know that most kids parties are an hour to an hour and a half. Seems like a short time when you think about, but the reality is, you can’t keep the kids attention much longer, so its the perfect amount of time. Not to mention, most other parents are looking at their watches, counting the minutes that they can make a mad dash for the door! With the abbreviated time line in mind, I wanted to keep things simple, so I focused on two things- her party dress and the cake! Plum makes these adorable tutu one pieces in every color, and while we were planning a hip hop theme, I couldn’t resist this ballerina-esque dress.

Next, I was on the hunt for a bakery, worthy of creating a Pinterest-worthy unicorn cake. A friend recently posted one she had made for her daughter, and recommended I try Moretti Bakery. Since a unicorn cake has to be narrow and tall, it only feeds 20 people, so I decided to add some unicorn cupcakes for the kids. My mom picked up the cake for me, and when she arrived, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. Almost too spectacular to eat! The frosting was precious, and for the middle, I chose funfetti, because that’s what unicorns like to eat, right?!

She and her friends danced their little hearts out, and the party was a total hit. And the shin dig wasn’t the end of the festivities. We celebrated all weekend with dinners at her favorite restaurants, playdates and a trip to the carousel. Over the last few days, when we’ve asked her to do something or be careful, her response has been “I’m four now.” Yes Gemmie, you are 4!

As most of you know, Gemma has a heart of gold, with a constant smile, ear to ear! Her personality is contagious, as some of you have even told me this just by looking at photos on my Instagram account. She absolutely loves school and talks about all her little friends all the time. She forever makes us laugh, and looks up to her older siblings, trying to be just like them. This last year was pivotal, as she clearly shed the baby personality, transforming into big girl. Oh yeah, and she gives the best hugs!

Gemma, we love you so very much! Happy birthday my baby girl!

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