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Little Red Wagon Day

Can you guess what today is? It’s National Little Red Wagon Day, and this year is extra special, because Radio Flyer is celebrating their 100th year anniversary! For most of us, Radio Flyer is synonymous with our childhood. I remember the their Classic Tricycle that was passed around between me and my siblings. That little bike was the best, taking countless trips up and down my block, and around the neighborhood, zipping down our streets. And of course, we had a Classic Radio Flyer Wagon, in which I toted my younger sister and brother around.

When Ryder was younger, his first bike was a Radio Flyer Tricycle because it was just such a classic, and totally made me reminisce about my childhood. That bike is still stored at my parents house, and I tell the kids that one day their children may ride that same bike.

Even my mom had a Radio Flyer Wagon when she was a kid. Since their classic red collection has been such fixtures in my family’s childhoods, I was excited when Radio Flyer asked me to design our very own Custom Wagon! With over 400 possible combinations, I took my time constructing the perfect wagon for my kids. Custom fabrications starts with selecting from one of three different bases, and tires. After you’ve decided on the bones, you can trick it out with cool accessories! I opted for umbrellas, mini speakers, fabric cushions and seat pads, storage compartments and cup holders. A personalized name plate on each of the wagon walls was the icing on the cake.

Jason and I wanted to surprise the kids, so he assembled the wagon while they were sleeping. When they woke, we showed them their means of transportation to school that day! The girls were psyched! I’m already looking forward to our new wagon for beach days this summer. The monster tires will make rolling through the sand a breeze!

And now it’s your turn! To celebrate Radio Flyer’s centennial, one lucky SITC will have a chance to Build Their Own Custom Wagon. Leave a message below, recapping your favorite Radio Flyer memory! Be sure to share your photos on social media, and tag #RadioFlyer100 GIVEAWAY ends 4/14! Good luck!

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34 thoughts on “Little Red Wagon Day”

  1. I love the original/vintage feel of the wagon but the ability to customize it to your family’s needs. The umbrellas are such a handy and practical idea!

  2. I love Radio Flyer Red Wagons! For me they are part American history. From parades to daily family adventures Radio Flyer wagons are there! After my sons were to big to ride around we turned our wagon into a planter. Now they have come a long way, so stylish and luxurious. It’s time to put my grandson in a wagon and start making some memories.

  3. I LOVED my red tricycle! I spent hours riding it up and down the driveway. I’m sure my twins will love theirs just as much.

  4. This definitely takes me back! I love that you set this up for the kids. Who wouldn’t be delighted with this one. It’s really adorable and I love the name plates!

  5. The classic has never looked so cool! The tires make it ready for any adventure. I used my own wagon to sell Girl Scout cookies when I was little.

  6. Oh those beautiful childhood memories! Me and my siblings also had a Radio Flyer wagon. That gave us lots of endless play time outdoors and we loved it. My grandchildren are still too young for this but I will get them one when they are older.

  7. Your girls are so photogenic!! I can’t tell you any of my memories because I did not own one. Hoping I can change that for my girls. What a great chance!

  8. so adorable! loved taking our red wagon to the beach but this new one puts the old radio flyers to shame with those wheels! awesome for going over sand. and the umbrellas are cool too!


    never seen a wagon in person! that’s sooo interesting! i would love to introduce that wagon to my kids’!

  10. My kids missed the day of speakers on their wagon. Radio Flyers are classics that everyone remembers as kids and parents and I hope my kids bring their kids to play with the old wagon. It will still last that is how well they are made.

  11. Such sweet photos. I never had a wagon for me or any of the kids. I did want one at one point though. I’m not sure why we didn’t get it. I think they’re awesome.

  12. Our family had the vintage wagon as a child back in the early 1960’s and would love to go for a ride in it around the block. I remember all of the neighbor kids would wait their turn to go for a ride. (No photos from my early childhood available).

  13. I didn’t have a wagon growing up, but I would love to make sweet memories with my two boys with a wagon! We would take it everywhere! Thank you!

  14. I love reading about your adventures. I would love to win this for my two granddaughters. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing wagon!

  15. When I was a kid, my brother, who is 2 years older than I am, got a Radio Flyer Red Wagon for a birthday present. He took that wagon everywhere. Best of all, he would give me rides in the wagon. I would get so excited to have my big brother bring me all around. After we got a little older, we had gotten a paper route together and would use the Red Wagon to deliver our papers throughout the neighborhood. What great memories.

  16. katherine Persons

    My husband had one (he is now 57) It is still in great condition. MY children used it and it is now “put up” for the grandkids to use when they come along~

  17. I would love to win this for when my grandchildren come to visit. We used to have one that I used all the time with them; but, one of my children took it home with them when they visited. I don’t remember having one when I was little; I mostly rode a bike or roller-skated. My memories are with my grandchildren and the red wagon I used to have here. Would love to replace that if I win. Thanks for the chance.

  18. I remember having our little pony pull us while we rode the radio flyer. My own kids also had one but I had to pull them.

  19. As a child, my neighbor friend and I would tie a Radio Flyer wagon to a dirt bike and we would pull each other through the fields as I resided within a rural farming community.

  20. Stacey Premoshis

    I remember putting all my dolls in and pretending to let them each off like I was the bus driver. Fun times.

  21. #RadioFlyer100 GIVEAWAY we well me and my cousin greg was at maw maw house and we were where we werent supposed to be which was the hill and we went flying down until we landed i mean it was awesome we did it all the time but o boy it was fun

  22. Stephanie Phelps

    Oh my gosh I can remember having the Radio Flyer Red Wagon the metal one and my brothers and all of us taking turns seeing how fast we could pull one another in it or taking the dog for a ride with one of us! We had so many hours of fun. I even remember it being a way for me to take my dolls out for a ride! Man I wish we had pictures of that!

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