Autumn Harvest

With the fall comes Halloween, with a build up to the holidays, and weeks if not months of annual traditions. Apple and pumpkin picking have become a family favorite, and this year, Siella was begging to go for weeks. Finally last weekend, we managed to squeeze in a few hours for a drive out to the country. The weather felt more like summer than fall, but even though it was super late in the season for apples, but we managed to have another fun day spent at Long Meadow Farms.

We stumbled upon Long Meadow Farms two years ago, on a trip home from Kalahari Resorts. Jason was headed out of town that week, so I started to Google apple picking while driving. Coincidentally, Long Meadow was the next exit. The quaint farm is no frills, without large indoor markets, apple cider or donuts (well, no donuts is a bummer), but the acres and variety of apples and pumpkins easily make up for it. And even as late as it is in October, we still filled a bin to the rim with apples of all types.

Ryder has become quite the picker, always managing to score apples high up in the trees!

Siella made sure to taste test each variety before putting them in the basket.

We normally pick apples and pumpkins on separate weekends, but no time for that this year. That was fine, because there were tons of pumpkins, and lots of gourds too. Gemma was obsessed with the gourds, so much so that we ended up with more gourds than apples this time around!

Gemma found the smallest gourd and added it to her collection.

Look at how many pumpkins we picked!
Our trip wouldn’t have been complete without a little run through the corn maze, and our obligatory photo in front of the barn!

I’m so happy to check off this fall family activity off our list, because I afraid we were going to miss apples and pumpkins for the first time since having kids. Now we just need to find the time to carve all these pumpkins before tomorrow. In the meantime, I am planning on surprising the kids with a homemade apple pie when they get home from school today! I just need to take a deep breath and enjoy all of our Halloween festivities, because after that, it’s onto holiday prep gear!

With all this warm weather, the leaves have yet to change color in NYC, but I guess I can still say it- Happy Autumn!


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